Thursday 4 April 2019

Sewn by YOU ~ Fabric Basket with Softie ~ Nursery Gift

How adorable is this gift made to adorn a nursery - a fabric basket with matching elephant softie.

Mary, from Creations by MaryAn, sent me an email asking if it was OK for her to sell fabric baskets made with my Fabric Basket Tutorial. I'm more than happy for readers to sell items based on my tutorials, IF they have made the items themselves. ie - no mass production.

Mary's go to gift for a baby shower is a fabric basket and a softie in co-ordinating fabrics. I love this idea!!! Mary has enlarged the dimensions of the fabric basket in the tutorial.

That adorable elephant softie is made with the Stuffed Elephant pattern by Xanthe Patterns. Mary has used felt for the eyes, instead of buttons as suggested in the pattern. I'm with Mary - safety first. Felt securely sewn on would be my choice.

At all times - safety first for babies and young children. As noted in Mary's Etsy listing...
Stuffed animals and bins should not be left alone with a child under the age of 3. These items should not be placed in a crib with an unattended child.

I know we've just had Christmas, but for all the Harry Potter fans, Mary sells Sorting Hat Christmas Ornaments, along with her Custom Nursery Gift Basket + Matching Softie.

What's your go to gift for a baby shower? In recent years, mine has been a fabric basket filled with wash cloths.  I might have to rethink that.

... Pam


  1. Adorable elephant and the basket is super cute. Fabric choice is too good.

    1. I love the matching elephant fabric on the basket.

  2. Love the pink and taupe colors, such a cute fabric. Wonderful job!


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