Saturday 9 December 2017

Showcasing ~ How to Add a Name to a Baby Blanket

I've often thought that I should consider buying an embroidery machine. After watching today's showcased video tutorial, I'm thinking that I should make it a higher priority.

Learn how to use an embroidery machine to add a name to a baby blanket. Video tutorial by Karlie Belle.

Karlie, from Karlie Belle, shows how to add a name to a baby blanket. Along with a written overview, there is a video tutorial, taking you through the process from start to finish. How to...
  • hoop the stabiliser
  • float the blanket
  • set up the embroidery machine
  • finish the blanket

Karlie also has a comprehensive post detailing everything you need to know about getting started with machine embroidery.

Karlie added her How to Add a Name to a Baby Blanket video tutorial to the Embroidery, Stitching & Appliqué link party. You might like to check out the following tutorials at the Embroidery, Stitching & Appliqué linky...
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  • Sunbonnet Sue Appliqué
  • Flower Embroidered Bookmark

Do you have an embroidery machine? How often do you use it, and what for?

... Pam


  1. I did have an embroidery machine for a short time. It was a "garage sale" clearance item years ago, NIB, from a quilt store that I happened to visit while travelling. Things did NOT go well, and I only used the machine for a few months. It was so stressful that I had to stop trying. Lessons learned - only buy from a local store that you can go to for assistance, and you get what you pay for - aging technology doesn't always stand the test of time :D I still have a large collection of embro patterns that I can't use, LOL.

  2. Hi Pam! Yes, I do have an embroidery machine and love it! I don't use it as much as my regular sewing machine, but it does get used several times a month. I've never taken a class, but have learned how to use it following blogs and watching videos. I'd highly suggest buying one...once you get used to it, you'll get hooked!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing my tutorial :) I started doing embroidery a few years ago and love it so much. It was definitely worth the investment and I've been able to earn back what I paid for my machine and supplies by making things for friends and family. I hope to share more tutorials in the future with y'all!

  4. I have one embroidery machine, and two sewing machines with embroidery modules... and still never get around to learning how to use them properly!!! Next year :) xx


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