Tuesday 7 July 2015

Satin Infinity Scarf

Scarves are a must have accessory in any woman's wardrobe. Well, they are in mine. I use them for adding warmth, but also as a way of dressing up an outfit. A scarf is an accessory that can add a bit of colour or totally change the look of the outfit you are wearing.

Satin Infinity Scarf ~ Threading My Way

In recent years, infinity scarves have become popular. They have all the qualities of a regular scarf, but with the added bonus of not draping down and getting in the way.

And there's so many ways they can be worn:

After sewing with Little Miss the other day, I whipped up some infinity scarves. They are SO quick and easy to make. Basically, sew a long rectangle into a tube and join the ends together. 

There's a few inches of hand sewing involved. If you feel your hand sewing is not up to scratch, don't worry, as that bit is hidden underneath at the back of the neckline. No one other than you will ever see it. 

Having said that, hand sewing is NOT hard. I think people are scared of it before they've even tried it, a bit like zippers. Once you try it, you'll wonder what you were worried about.

I'm not going to do a tutorial, as there's lots online already:

Or, if you prefer knitting and crocheting:

I've made this infinity scarf using the Fine Feathers and Swiss Cheese fabric that my daughter, Tash, from Little Ladybird, has designed. It's a polyester satin with a shiny finish. Worn with a white t-shirt, it's the perfect way to dress up a simple outfit for a bit of colour bling without being over the top. Don't want to sew your own, this one's for sale over at Evie & Flynn. Now it's time I made another one - for ME!!!

Do you like to wear scarves? If so, you're in good company. Seems like Dame Judi Dench is almost always seen wearing a scarf.

... Pam


  1. Beautiful fabric Pam and the perfect accessory, what more could you ask for :)

  2. My first visit to your blog and I'm happy to find this pretty scarf.

  3. My 11yo daughter really has a thing for scarves. She filled her scarf holder and they easily take up 1/3 of her closet! I have a pile of fabric that is supposed to be turned into more scarves for her, too.

  4. I was introduced to the Infinity scarf when it was still called Moebius , in Elizabeth Zimmermann`s book `Knitting Around `, 1989. I loved heer idea, but did not like to knit straight shawl, turn and sew it. Thus after long thinking , worked out that i could knit/crochet it from the Middle Out!. since than made many of those for me as well as presents.. one of my favorite ways to wear it is over my shoulders and because of the twist it `sits` on my middle as if it it is a vest with overlapping front parts. Indeed this is the best shawl ever. Ps only twice did i sew one.... Now that i read this i will try to sew another one.

  5. Lovely fabric and looks the perfect use for it!

  6. Beautiful fabric - looks great against the white t shirt:)


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