Friday 17 July 2015

More Button Storage Ideas...

Earlier this year I showed you how I store my buttons. That post generated a lot of interest. Seems like we're all looking for the most efficient ways to store the bits and pieces we collect in our sewing adventures. We want the solutions to not only look good, but to also be practical. And we don't want it to really appear like we have a large stash of anything sewing related!!!

Today I'm showcasing Threading My Way readers' button storage ideas.

Susan, from Second Chances by Susan, spent $4 on a wooden cabinet, plus $10 on some baby jars and ended up with this wonderful cabinet to store her buttons. Together with some spice jars she already had on hand, Susan transformed an old wooden cabinet into a display cabinet that is both beautiful and practical.

Susan has some very clever and stylish ideas in her sewing studio. She is very creative, and has a knack for making things from discarded items and then co-ordinating everything so it all ties together seamlessly.

Jill, from Creating My Way to Success, sews in a multi-purpose room. Her sewing desk is in a corner of this room. Jill has come up with some ingenious storage solutions, to maximise the space she has.

Her buttons are stored in colour co-ordinated drawstring bags that hang from a shelf above her desk. So, in effect, Jill's button storage solution takes up no space whatsoever, and her buttons are within easy reach - clever and practical too. It's amazing the amount of sewing supplies Jill's been able to fit into a small space.

Jo, from The Crafty Nomad, added her Craft Room Tour to our Sewing & Craft Spaces link party. Jo stores her buttons in a storage unit, all neatly sorted by colours into drawers. Oh, I'd love to have that storage unit, which doubles as a cutting table. There's a place for everything is Jo's super organised craft room.

Thanks to everyone who left comments, telling me about your button storage solutions:
  • Sandra - glass canning jars, breath mint containers
  • Quilting Jeannie - jelly and preserve jars
  • Annie - clear divided containers from a craft store
  • Preeti - glass coffee jars, plastic broad bean boxes
  • Baye - plastic snack bags in a fabric button box
  • Fiona - biscuit tins
  • Sally - tins and glass jars

Baye brought up a very important point...
One thing I did learn early on is that the old idea of a giant bunch of buttons in some big glass or tin container will result in scratched, dull buttons. I love the look of a huge pile of colorful buttons, but did not like finding that the buttons were damaged when it came time to use them.
I'd never thought about the possibility of buttons becoming damaged in storage. It makes perfect sense, though. The larger the mass of buttons, the more they'll be moved against each other as the container is turned around sorting through for just the right button. I suppose it's a bit like tumbling rocks, except that instead of a lovely smooth finish, you'll end up with scratched and damaged buttons. Thanks so much for the tip, Baye.

Sewists really are a bunch of resourceful people.

... Pam


  1. Oh I am *SO* looking for a wooden cabinet like that - what a perfect - and practical - way to display buttons sorted by colour and theme - so pretty! Thrift stores here I come (I need some flannel sheets anyways, for bib batting, lol) :D

  2. I have my buttons in the few remaining jars that were not stolen for catching fireflies, puncturing the lids for air holes. I have all of those jars of buttons in a shoebox tote. I meant to mount them to the underside of my lowest shelf above the sewing table, but it hasn't happened yet. I do love that cabinet, though!

  3. Some brilliant ideas here that would be a much better option than the 4 litre icecream container I am currently using. I absolutely love Susan's idea, I only wish I had a dedicated sewing space where i could put up something as beautiful as that cupboard.

  4. Great ideas and links, Pam!! :) Thanks for sharing!! I did not know about this link. Now I have added mine too.
    It is really nice to know and peep into crafters working area to know how do they manage to keep so many things.

  5. I just love Susan's wooden cabinet for her supplies. Seems like we all want one of those!

  6. I love this beautiful cabinet, but there is simply no way all my buttons would fit in one like that. There are so many great button storage ideas here. I always get so much inspiration when I drop by here, Pam. Thanks so much!

  7. I love buttons, they are so fun!

  8. What a gorgeous wooden cabinet, not sure I'd actually organise all my buttons to go in it but I'd love it anyway!

  9. I really loved that Cabinet with Buttons ,,,,, makes one dream about them !!

  10. I LOVE that button storage cupboard. I've been looking out for a spice rack but the glass doors are perfect :)

  11. Its been some time for me in the blogging world. I am catching up with a lot of your posts, Pam. Such brilliant ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I could use the same storage solution for my nuts and bolts in the garage! It might not look as colourful or interesting, but a good storage system just needs to function well I think!

  13. Thank you for featuring my button storage. Only just seen this!


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