Tuesday 30 September 2014

Gardening ~ Memories and Creativity...

No sewing in today's post. Anyone who has been reading Threading My Way for any length of time, will know that I love to garden. It's a passion I've had for my whole adult life. Other hobbies have come and gone, but gardening has always been something I love to do.

Sewing and gardening are both creative outlets that allow me to express myself. Just as with my sewing, the garden is constantly evolving. Unlike sewing, gardening is also great exercise. No need for me to pay for gym memberships.

The garden is also full of memories. Pansies planted every year, to remember a friend. Pansies were her favourite flowers.

A May bush, flowering every year for the birthday of one of our children. Mr TMW picked May bush and brought it to the hospital for me.

Slipper orchids, a present from my Mum, who is also an avid gardener. She's really good at striking cuttings, and luckily for me, I'm often the recipient.

A kalanchoe from my late father-in-law.

The inside of a washing machine. I have two of these and remember them in my parents' garden when I was growing up. They would have been my Dad's idea. As a sideline to his job, he ran a wholesale nursery, so there's green thumbs on both sides of my family. Dad passed away when I was only 23.

Agaves from a generous neighbour.

An eBay purchase by a dear friend and work colleague. He bought the large bromeliad for me not long before he passed away.

A birthday present to Mr TMW from our eldest son. He carefully chose the bromeliad and paid for it with his pocket money.

Succulents - a reminder of visits to gardening shows with friends. The three of us rummaged through tubs of succulent cuttings, each choosing different ones that we could later give to the others as they grew.

Bromeliads from a fellow bromeliad enthusiast.

Gardening is therapeutic. I try to walk around the entire garden each day. Invariably there's something new to look at each time.

Our resident Satin Bower bird had changed the location of his bower. We can't remember how long he's been around, but this year he decided to move the bower several metres. It's in a slightly more open area, so we are hoping he stays safe from neighbouring cats.

I hope you've enjoyed looking around our garden. Back to sewing next post.

... Pam


  1. You have a lovely garden, Pam! I like that a lot of your plants have memories attached to them.:)

  2. You have a huge and lovely garden. I have seen your posts on gardening. It's the best exercise. I have a small balcony for container gardening but I soon get tired and lazy looking after the plants.

  3. Oh Pam, this is a lovely garden! The fact that you have all those memories out there makes it doubly special. Thank you for sharing a little insight into your life outside of your sewing room.

  4. So lovely Pam! I hope to learn to keep a garden one day when we live somewhere that I can do that. The house we are renting in Germany doesn't have a yard :( When we lived in Las Vegas, which is very hot, I spent so much money trying to grow tomatoes that it was almost comical. I could have probably bought 3 years' worth at the market! One day I will learn though. Your property is gorgeous. I enjoyed this post :)

  5. Beautiful Pam...sounds like a lovely memory garden.

  6. beautiful garden, what a calm and inspiring place


  7. Pam your garden is so beautiful, I love that you have so many reminders of loved ones that have passed. We love to veggie garden, nothing feels better in the kitchen than simple dishes created from our own produce.

  8. Beautiful.
    I love to garden too. We can 'Posy's with your tropicals(!), but every fifth winter or so, we lose plants to freezing.
    I think I will borrow your post idea because there are so many memories in my garden.
    Happy gardening!

  9. Darn.
    , not 'Posy's.
    Silly auto correct.


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