Wednesday 17 September 2014

Button Up Jumper ~ Pattern Testing

'Button Up Jumper" - pattern by Once Upon a Sewing Machine ~ tester version by Threading My Way

I recently had the pleasure of pattern testing the Button Up Jumper, for Donna and Rachel, from Once Upon a Sewing Machine. If you ever have the opportunity to work with these two ladies, don't hesitate. They were both very professional, easy to work with and quick to respond to any queries.

As it was pattern testing, I chose a fabric from my stash that had cost me next to nothing. I'm not sure what the fabric is, but I'm guessing by the creasing, that it might be a linen blend. Yes, I did iron it, but then transported it in a bag and couldn't be bothered to iron it again. Ha, ha... pretty slack!!!

You can't see the detail, but there 's a white fleck and uneven white threads, again making leading me to believe it may contain linen. I purchased it at the Fabric, Needlecraft and More store, formerly known as the Fabric Cave. The store is situated in Meadowbank, Sydney and is run by Achieve Australia, in support of adults with disabilities. It's a real treasure trove!!!

I love the unique style of the jumper dress. The three buttons on the waistband are functional. They come undone and the jumper is put on by stepping into the skirt. 

It's a little hard to see, but there are side pockets. You can get a better idea of the pockets by checking out some of the tester versions.

The back is a simple A-line, with the waistband extending just past the sides onto the back. The two back buttons are purely for embellishment. 

I love the style and most importantly, so does Little Miss!!! It's a great design, resulting in a really cute outfit.

The instructions are detailed, clear and easy to read. Diagrams, with right and wrong sides easily distinguishable, are numbered to correspond with directions. The pattern comes with layers, enabling printing of just the size that's needed, or you can print the whole lot.

The PDF is straightforward to tile and tape together. There is a size chart with chest and height measurements, making it easy to choose the best size to sew.

As with all patterns, slight adjustments have been made to the pattern since this jumper dress was sewn. That's why pattern testing exists - to fine tune the pattern and iron out any wrinkles.

I haven't worked from the final pattern yet, but I'm looking forward to whipping up another Button Up Jumper next year for Autumn. We're well and truly into warm Spring weather, so I'll wait till it begins to cool down.

Here in Australia, a jumper is a knitted sweater. We call this style of dress a pinafore. They're a great addition to the wardrobe, because they're so easy to layer, making them perfect for cooler weather.

These last two photos show me in a pinafore on a visit to Sydney's Koala Park.

How times have changed since the 60s. We wore our best clothes when going out. Well, perhaps they weren't my best clothes, as I'm not wearing gloves, but I am wearing my good patent leather shoes. You probably wouldn't find many people wearing dresses to a wildlife sanctuary now-a-days.

Note the width of the hem. Clothes back then were made to last and my Mum would have let that hem down a couple of times and I would have worn it until it no longer fitted or was too short. It would then have been passed on to my sister.

Here's my sister on the same day. She looks even more dressed up than I do.

The Button Up Jumper is 20% off for the first week. I think there may be three days left to purchase the pattern at the reduced price.

... Pam


  1. Thanks Pam for the great review! Your jumper turned out great. I remember growing up my mom called a pinafore a similar style, but it was worn over another dress. Your little Miss is beautiful! We will be anxious to see what you make up in the next cool season.

  2. Pretty jumper and model - and pretty pinafore and model :) I had several (we call them jumpers) jumpers as a little girl growing up - I remember in particular a burgundy one made of wool. Oh MAN HOW I HATED THAT one - it was sooooooooo itchy - but mom didn't care, ughhh! Of course, she also made my sister and I matching outfits ... and sis is 6 years older than I am, so you can imagine how she felt about it. LOLOL!!!! Apparently mom had a mean streak ;)

  3. Another great outfit Pam and Isn't Little Miss a great model!

  4. What a cute little pattern. I enjoy seeing patterns like this.

  5. What a neat jumper and I really enjoyed seeing the photos of you as a child. Yes, I remember always dressing up whenever we went some place and the large mom did that too!

  6. Interesting how names change over time, or mean something totally different in other countries. That is a cute jumper you tested and fun seeing you in your pinafore!

  7. So cute! It definitely has a vintage vibe but the style is timeless. Thanks so much for sharing at the Make it Monday Party! Hope to see you again next week.

  8. Que bonito!!! La verdad es que es un patrĂ³n que no se pasa!!! Gracias por enlazar en mi blog.


  9. The jumper is darling Pam. A pinafore is an apron that goes over a dress here. LOL funny how we call things in different places. Either way I think it's those kangaroos that are the real jumpers!!!!

  10. That's an adorable jumper. I loved your own photos, how cute? I am a child from the 80's and we still wore our best clothes on weekends... hehehe...

  11. Well, I obviously missed this little pinni. Perfect weather for it now! That, and a jumper ;)


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