Friday 5 April 2013

Pillowcases for Kids...

I thought I'd show you some pillowcases I made last Christmas. I often use pillowcases instead of wrapping paper, but not this time. Because I often make pillowcases, I have pattern pieces cut to size, originally taken from measurements for the pillowcase tutorial by Flower Press.

I love this fabric. It's Willow Grove by Alexander Henry. When making my Curved Seams dress, I experimented with sewing curved seams using Willow Grove fabric. It wasn't a success, but you can see a picture of the fabric that is truer to the actual colour.

This is the second pillowcase I've made using this awesome fairy tale fabric. The first one is well loved and used. Unfortunately I only have little scraps left.

The last pillowcase is made with space fabric from Spotlight. I bought lots of this fabric, simply because it's such a fun fabric that is suitable for boys. There's definitely a lot more choice when buying fabric for girls.

That's the last of my handmade Christmas presents. Perhaps I need to start sewing for this Christmas much earlier than I did last year, so it's not the mad rush it was last year...

... Pam


  1. I have made a few pillwcases, they make a quick pressy. For "wrapping" paper I tend to make fabric boxes or tote bags, I like the idea that the gift keeps on giving.

  2. I love the idea of giving these pillowcases as gifts.

    Mrs. Delightful

  3. Pam, your pillowcases are lovely. I checked out your tutorial and it is really good and helpful. You even put in the conversion chart for everyone, internationally. How thoughtful and intuitive! I enjoyed reading this today and thank you for posting for us.

    1. Thanks, Lyn. The pillowcase tutorial, is not mine, however. It's written by Flower Press. I originally used the tutorial because it contained the dimensions for Australia.

  4. The rocket fabric is my favourite - perfect for boys! Pillowcases are great stashbusters, and really - who doesn't love a pc in fun fabrics, or fabrics that match a theme that they love? They're a perfect gift!

    Get cracking on Christmas gifts - I have 3 Santa sacks done already that will be given to the kids' parents so they'll have them for Christmas morning --- only 2 more to go! It's not much, but at least it's a start!

  5. I make pillowcases for my kids for most of the major holidays--Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween--and birthdays. Sometimes I embroider their name on the edge, too. They love getting these made out of decorative fabric, and they are such a simple, quick project.

  6. Kids would love these fun and cheery pillowcases!

  7. Ooh... What fun fabric! I love the idea of using pillow cases for gift bags! How very clever AND functional! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  8. Great pillowcases Pam, you were definitely right to snap up that fabric, finding nice fabric for boys is always harder

  9. Hi Pam,
    I love your pillowcases, what wonderful graphic fabrics you've used (I like the rockets best) and I love your contrast cuffs.
    I'm so very glad to see my little tutorial put to such wonderful effect and thank you for the credit :-)

  10. Pam, I love your pillowcases, the fabric is sooooooooo beautiful!!!
    Thank you for the link where we can find the tutorial!
    Marisa from


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