Wednesday 10 April 2013

Sweet Pouch Swap...

Not so long ago, I took part in my first ever online swap... the Sweet Pouch Swap, over at Sew Delicious. I'm not sure why, but I liked the idea that the pouch I had made, would be travelling around the world to the U.S.. Carla left me a message to say that it had arrived safe and sound. Apparently, you can't get Life Saver Fruit Tingles over there, so Carla was very pleased I had included those.

Today I arrived home to find not one, but two parcels on my desk. I get quite excited when I receive a parcel... like a kid at Christmas. One was a fabric order I was expecting. A quick look at the back of the second and it was from Ros, over at Sew Delicious.

Isn't it beautiful!!! I just love everything about it... the colours, the fabric and the design. Ros has used a new to me fabric line... Kate Spain's Cuzco. (Perhaps I've been hiding under a mushroom not to have come across this gorgeous fabric before). The bag is a handy size and feels like it has a layer of batting to protect the contents of the bag.

And inside... two blocks of yummy Lindt chocolate. Well, there were two full blocks. I can assure you, Ros didn't eat any before she sent it.

I love the card, too... a simple design that looks so effective.

Thanks so much, Ros. This little bag is going to be well used!

... Pam


  1. So glad you like it Pam!! The Cuzco line is beautiful, I especially love the colours and the peacock influenced prints. The card is fabulous - it was actually a gift to me in a recent swap! A lady called Julie made me about 4 of them as part of a swap I did earlier this year. Such a great idea for scraps I will definitely be making a few myself!

  2. That's wonderful! N a very pretty pouch!

  3. That's a sweet pouch, and those fabrics are lovely - I've not heard of that line either, so it isn't just you! Chocolate is the BEST thing to tuck into a zipper bag --- yummy, lol!

  4. Lovely pouch, I hadn't seen that fabric until recently, its lovely.

  5. Beautiful! And what fun!!!

  6. Such a sweet pouch! I'm the same way about mail and packages.:)

  7. Hi Pam, I am here again! :)

    thank you for coming by my blog and commenting on so many of my projects! you made me very happy! I am glad u like my stuff, and makes it so much more worth it to do what i do!



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