Sunday 24 February 2013

Threading Your Way ~ Features...

This week's features...

Two fabulous projects added to the Sewing Accessories link party.

Quilted Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial by Ros, from Sew Delicious
I hate to admit it, but on the odd occasion that I cover my machines, it's with tea towels. I really need to sew a proper cover, like this one.

Sewing Set by Teje, from Nero's Post and Patch
Teje's needlecase is actually a pin cushion as well.

A beautiful embroidered zippered pouch, added to the Purses, Clutches and Pouches link party...

Triple Zip Pouch by Marisa, from Passion et Couture

An adorable dress, with a removable Peter Pan collar, added to the Girls' Dresses link party...

Party Dress Remix by Magda, from the House of Estrala

An easy, but very effective way to wrap small presents, added to the Gift Wrapping link party...

Repurposed Sweater Gift Bags by Susan, from Organized 31

An awesome girl's top added to the Tops and Shirts for Children link party...

You are My Sunshine Top by Mira, from Sewing the Littleheart Collection

A colourful and great shaped bag, added to the Bags and Totes link party...

Piped and Pleated Bag by Bethany, from Sweet Bee Buzzings

And a fun way to store earphones, added to the Electronic Gadget Covers link party...

Earphone Cat Tutorial, from Home of the Red Monster

Head on over and visit these talented ladies.

This week's featured blog is Sew Delicious. Ros, look out for your blog button in my sidebar.

Feel free to grab a button if you've been featured...

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I look forward to seeing more of your creativity...

... Pam


  1. Hello Pam! Thanks for featuring me again! And THANK you so much for all those nice comments you've left on my blog earlier! <3

  2. Pam, thank you for featuring my Repurposed Sweater Gift Bags! A humble little project that I love and I'm glad that you enjoyed. You can see what happened with the rest of the sweater here:

  3. You know what Pam ;) I too will share something like what you do .. I cover up my dear machine with my old big stole ;D .. A quilted cover is on my list

  4. Thank you Pam for featuring my sewing set! That sewing machine cover would be great with this set! I don't have time to cover my machine - perhaps only in summer.
    Sunny wishes! x Teje

  5. Thanks for sharing these, some great ideas. Esp love the sewing set and the sweater bags.

  6. Nice features...really like the machine cover ( yes, must make one too) and the earphones holder...thanks for sharing

  7. What a great set, thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  8. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell anyone - one of my sewing machines is covered with a Kitchenaid mixer cover (and it's a Christmas one, even!), LOL!!! The fit is so perfect that I leave it there year round! Another machine is covered with a denim cover I made years ago - it's been appliqued with a fat orange kitty that looks exactly like my chubby boy :) 2 machines have no cover at all (and seem to suck dust out of the air), and the broken embroidery machine has a big piece of paper folded on top, lol!

  9. Thanks so much for the lovely feature Pam!! So many great projects - I love the sewing set by Teje!

  10. That sewing machine cover puts mine to shame! I love the choice of fabrics for it.

    How did I miss the electronic gadget linkie? Must check that out.

  11. Hi Pam, "Thanks for featuring my triple zip pouch ". All the projects that have been featured are beautiful, ah!!! if only the day had more hours, I would love to try them all. Thanks for the inspiration you give us always!!
    Marisa from

  12. Ooh I love that featured bag, gorgeous!!


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