Monday, 4 February 2013

Library Bags ~ Tutorials Galore...

As it was the beginning of the year in Australian schools, at the end of last month I showed you how to make a basic library bag; a requirement for most Primary School aged children. Following on from the basic library bag tutorial, were 4 more library bags, all variations of the original tutorial. Today, I'm bringing all the library bag tutorials together and adding to the collection, with links to tutorials from around the Internet.

From left to right:

I think my favourite is the Dresden Plate bag, followed closely by the Book Titles bag, but I had fun making all of them.

Following is a list of links to tutorials for other styles of Library Bags. Most are designed for children, although they could still be used by adults, but a few are sized for adults. Check the dimensions of both the bag and straps, before you sew.

Drawstring Library Bag ~ Small Things Made
Big Books Library Bag ~ Sew Delicious
Mini Book Bag with name ~ The House of Wilson
Simple Library Bag ~ Embracing Life's Journey
Recycled Denim Library Bag ~ The Haby Goddess
Reversible Tote Bag ~ Hippos and Dinosaurs

Of course, all of these bags need not be confined to being Library Bags. I'm sure you could think of many other uses.

... Pam


  1. Those school bags are pretty and funny!

  2. Hi Pam,

    your school bags are so wonderful...I like there.

    Greatings from Germany

    PS I cann`t find or see a translater on your blog?
    Sorry my english is not good;-)

  3. Your bags are super cool!!

  4. All these library bags are beautiful!
    Thank you for all links!
    Marisa from


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