Friday 1 February 2013

Love is in the air...

This week I'm joining in with Season 6, Project Run and Play, for the theme Love is in the air. I knew I had the perfect fabric in my stash; a Japanese fabric, Sevenberry, bought on sale some time ago.

Once again, I've used the Good Deeds Dress by Elysium... a dress designed specifically for charity sewing. Earlier this month I used the same pattern to make;

This time I've modified the pattern, by adding a ruffle at the bottom, lining the bodice and adding ruffled sleeves.

Ruffles are a great way to make an outfit pretty and girlie. If you've never sewn a ruffle before, it's not that hard. The tutorial, How to Sew Ruffles will step you through the process.

To match the ruffle at the bottom, I added ruffled sleeves, which necessitated lining the bodice. The bodice is a mix of old school and new school, which worked, but next time I'll change it and use one method or another, as the seam between the bodice and the skirt is a little too bulky for my liking. I also didn't smooth out the bodice layers as well as I thought I had, so the top layer has a little extra, which I don't think will matter to anyone other than me.

As is often the case, I've sewn this dress at the eleventh hour, so no time to show you how I made the bodice and the sleeves. Next time I make this dress, and there will be a next time, I'll take photos of the process. The fabric is already cut out. Cutting out is the part of sewing I least like, so I tend to cut a whole lot of things in one go, to get it out of the way. I find I work faster that way and also enjoy the sewing more.

I'm really pleased with the look of this dress. I LOVE the main fabric, with red being the obvious choice for a contrast.

This little dress will be joining the other two and will be packed up and sent to the Australian representative for Dress A Girl Around the World and from there, will be sent to a little girl who otherwise might not own a dress. 

Initially, I debated whether the dress was suitable to send to Dress A Girl. The little recipient certainly wouldn't  be celebrating Valentines Day. But then I reasoned, the fabric wasn't bought as Valentines fabric. In reality, it's just pretty fabric with strawberries, flowers and hearts. So, three down and forty seven to go to reach my goal of fifty dresses for Dress A Girl this year.

As soon as I've added my dress to the collection at Project Run & Play, I'll be checking out the other entries.

I'm also adding this dress to the Ongoing Dresses for Girls link party, here at Threading My Way. As of today, there are 240+ fabulous dresses in the collection. I'd love you to add any dresses you have made.

... Pam


  1. you had me at red ;o) The ruffles and bodice are great and definately my style!

  2. love it, Pam! Such a cute Valentines' dress.

  3. There are going to be some beautifully dressed little ladies when your dresses arrive. Love this fabric. You're are right, the fabric is not just for Valentine's Day although it certainly works for that, too.

  4. Definitely that fabric is perfectly pretty, and not just Valentiney - wouldn't you just LOVE to see a picture of one of the darling littlies that get to wear one of your dresses??!!

  5. I love that fabric, and the pattern is cute!

  6. That's a beautiful dress! I have fancy for strawberries (decorating my kitchen), so that strawberry heart fabric is just perfect. :-)

  7. This dress is lovely. I love the strawberry fabric!

  8. this is so lovely Pam! It almost makes me wish I had a little girl to sew for!

  9. Sweet dress, Pam! Little girls can wear strawberries, hearts, and flowers any time of the year!

  10. The added ruffles make this dress even sweeter!

  11. Beautiful job! and, yes, it is the perfect fabric. Thanks for sharing the pattern location.

  12. Pam, thanks for linking up at Monday Makeover. This dress is adorable and I love that you are sharing your amazing talents for such a worthwhile cause! If only I could get my little girl into dresses, this would be the next project on my machine!

  13. This dress is beautiful and the children who will receive it, will be very proud.
    Children generally like bright colors and girls are more romantic and like hearts, that dress will be really appreciated, I love the fabric and the dress!

  14. Gorgeous dress Pam - and totally suitable for any time of year - such a cute girly fabric!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  15. I love this dress. The fabric is super cute! The ruffle at the bottom is such a nice touch to match the ruffled sleeves.
    With Love,
    ~Scary, from The Shaffer Sisters

  16. Beautiful! This is perfect for Valentine's and any other fun day. I love the touch of ruffles!
    Thanks for linking up!

  17. Super sweet and pretty for a little girl! I love the vintage look of the main fabric.
    -Ana from

  18. Pam,
    Your sweet dress was featured this week at A Humble Creation! Thanks again for sharing with us.

  19. Too cute! My daughter would love this! :)


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