Saturday 9 June 2012

Threading Your Way ~ Features

I've started!!! The fabric for my first quilt is cut out! There's no turning back now. Once I begin something, I almost always see it through to the end. So I know this quilt will be finished.

I feel reasonably confident co-ordinating fabric for clothes. Not so with choosing fabric for this quilt. It took me a whole night of playing with different combinations from my stash, to come up with what I've chosen.

Cutting the fabric was a first for me, as I used a rotary cutter. And I still have ten fingers!!! Mr TMW gets nervous when I use a knife in the kitchen, or a stanley knife and with good reason. I once cut a piece out of my finger when cooking and needed to see a doctor. Needless to say, I didn't tell him of my new purchase until I'd successfully used it.

For those of you who are new to Threading My Way, all of our 23 link parties are themed and ongoing. You can add links to any party at any time. A new ongoing party begins each Sunday. Features, which are usually done each Saturday, can be chosen from any of the parties. There's a list at the bottom of the post.
    Our features for this week...

    The most viewed Pants, Shorts, Trousers posts from last week:
    • Vintage Ben and Mia Pants by Kristy, from Hopeful Threads. After seeing Kristy's fabulous Ben and Mia pants, I've bought the pattern myself.
    • How to Expand Jeans by PC, from Mei Jo's Joy. A practical idea to make jeans and shorts last longer.
    Some beautiful embroidery which caught my eye:
    A very pretty little shirred shirt. You know how I love shirring!
    A fabulous woman's skirt with an exposed zipper:
    Some ever so lovely pillows:
    • Pillows by Jen, from Sew Fabulous Now
    An awesome dress made for the Queen's Jubilee:
    And a very pretty bag:

      Head on over and visit these talented ladies. 

      Each week, I will place a blog button, belonging to the blog which was most viewed, in my sidebar. This week the most viewed link is the Vintage Ben and Mia Pants. Kristy, look out for your blog button in my sidebar.

      Feel free to grab a button if you've been featured...

      You can find the Master list of ongoing link parties at Threading YOUR Way with Threading My Way 

      I look forward to seeing more of your creativity...

      ... Pam


      1. Thanks for the reminder to get my quilt fabric cut!!!

      2. Yeah, thanks for including my pillows : )

      3. Thank you so much Pam! :) Can't wait to see that quilt!!!

      4. How cool that you picked my towels as one of the features! So glad you liked them.

        Can't wait to see your quilt.

      5. Good luck with your first quilt Pam! There are a few of us at this stage just now - it will be fun to see how everyone goes with it! I'm sure they'll all turn out beautifully!
        Great features from your parties - I'm hoping to find time soon to have a look at them all - I've a few more things to add here and there!
        Hope you have a great weekend!

      6. Yay for the start of the first of many quilts, and an extra yay for surviving your first rotary cutting with all of your fingers intact!

      7. My husband's the same way w/ me & knives in the kitchen. The funny thing is that I've only twice every cut myself on them...and once on my mandoline slicer (ouch!). Thanks for featuring my dress! I enjoyed the other features as well...especially the gathered skirt & ben and mia pants. I'm still loving the ongoing linky parties...thanks for sticking with them!
        :-) Jessica

      8. I am sure your quilt will be beautiful. I almost cut myself with my rotary cutter....actually did cut two fingers with my mandoline slicer...also seem to snip them with scissors be careful!!!!! i look forward to seeing your quilt. Thanks again for hosting this grreat linky party!

      9. I'm so honor - thanks for the feature, it's mean so much to me!


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