Monday 4 June 2012

I Will Wear it in Public ~ Voting

As you know, I joined in the I Will Wear it in Public Garment Sewing Challenge, hosted by Rikka, from Ricochet and Away. The challenge has finished and now it's time to vote.

These are the Zumba pants I made for the challenge. 

There are 20 garments entered into the challenge... so much variety and so many awesome garments!

Ricochet and Away

Head on over and vote for your favourite.

... Pam


  1. Good luck Pam, I can't wait to get back to Zumba classes!

  2. just voted! I saw stretch poplin at work today and thought of you and your zumba pants!!

    1. If I worked in a store with fabric, I'd have a hard time resisting the urge to buy fabric each day... LOL!!!

  3. Just many talents there. Good luck!

  4. I just voted for you..and I hope you win..Good luck, Pam :)

  5. Do i have to vote? i like them all ...


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