Thursday 31 May 2012

Bits and Pieces...

Yes, I know, I've been saying for ages that I am going to make a quilt. But this time, I mean it. It's going to happen in June. I'm joining in with Ashley, from Mommy by Day Crafter by Night, for her Zig Zag Quilt Along.

Now, some of you serious quilters may say that Ashley is not an experienced quilter, as she herself acknowledges, but maybe that's why this quilt along appeals to me. Joining in with quilt alongs on quilting sites, was just a bit daunting for me.

Besides, if I get stuck, my copy of The Practical Guide to Patchwork, by Elizabeth Hartman from Oh Fransson! has arrived. I've previously made a zippered pouch from one of Elizabeth's patterns. At first glance, the book looks like it will be a great reference and just as easy to follow as the purse pattern. Thanks Fiona, from Celtic Thistle Stitches for recommending the book.

While out shopping the other day, I came across a new (to me) quilting shop. After asking the owner a million questions, I purchased some polyester batting for my first quilt. Now to make up my mind and choose fabric. I'd love to hear your recommendations for fabric and colours you would use for a quilt to be given to a male. To make it easier, I may go with a layer cake as recommended, even though I have more than enough fabric in my stash.

While at the quilting shop, I saw an absolutely gorgeous quilt for a little girl, which I would LOVE to make. The pattern for the quilt is made by an Australian company, Kookaburra Cottage Quilts. On visiting their website, I found lots of other amazing children's quilts. Somehow I don't think I'm quite up to it yet, but one day.

In June, I'm also joining in with Wendy, from The Crafter's Apprentice, for her Something Old, Something New Competition.

Crafters Apprentice

As the name suggests, you have to make an item that incorporates both pre-loved fabric and new fabric. I love refashioning, so this competition really appeals to me. You can enter as many times as you like and there's a prize!!!

Before I sign off, I thought I'd leave you with a funny picture...

This little pair of girl's undies was a definite fail... LOL!!! 

... Pam


  1. Ooops!:) I had a unfortunate fail yesterday involving gray jersey that was supposed to be a skirt for my oldest. Oh well...keeps us humble!

    It'll be fun to see how the quilting goes. I have an unfinished quilt that I started when K was a baby (she's 13!). I really should pull it out and finish it. One of these days...

    I enjoy seeing that you challenge yourself to try new to you sewing projects. It's quite inspiring!

  2. I followed your link to the quilt along and joined up. Thanks...I think. LOL! I love roaming through your posts--fun stuff!

  3. Good Luck with the quilt-a-long. I'm sure it will look great! It's always fun to try something new.

  4. I just started quilting in October, so I know how you feel! I took one class in Oct from my local recreation center. The only thing I could afford, but it was worth it! When choosing your fabrics, make sure you choose something that will last. 100% cotton is recommended.I love the fabrics from the quilt shops, but can't always afford them, I try to use what is in my stash. It is your quilt, so you can do whatever you feel like. I do recommend that as soon as you pick your pattern you start pulling material from your stash. Rules are good to get started, but they can always be broken! If you want to see my first quilts (I don't normally do this in comments) you can visit my blog. You can see some quilts that are not perfect! LOL

  5. Can't wait to see you quilting along. :) The underpants are a hoot. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hahaha, I've definitely had some underpants failures too! They can be finicky little things. Though I'm much better at them now I have my Bernina ;)
    Glad to see you are ticking something off your list and trying quilting. It's still on my list, I don't think I'll be attempting one for a while yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing how you go.

  7. yah for quilt alongs! I love a good zig-zag quilt. For a man's quilt I recommend blues, greens, and grays. Stick with either solids or patterns that are very small and try to avoid floral! Of course, blues, greens, and gray are colors I always use, so I might not be the best source!

  8. Welcome to the quilt addiction fold. A great male fabric range is Curious Nature by David Butler. Great colours, designs and not one flower to be seen!! Good luck with the quilt along and the book is fab for beginners. Cheers, Karen

  9. Good day Pam.
    For the male Quilt' if he has a hobby ? you might take a color or idea from it. or look at his favorite clothes?
    Good Luck with it!!!
    Ahum those undies..Before starting to knit in one piece, i once joined sweaters pieces before the raglan, in this order half a front, 2 sleeves, back, second half of front .....Picasso could use it...

  10. Great news you are joining a Quilt Along Pam, you will soon be as addicted as the rest of us :) There are some great fabric ranges out there for males without a floral in sight. Have a look at Summersville by Lucie Summers for Moda, it is fresh and bright and might do the trick! I have recently bought a bundle of Circa 1934 by Cosmo Cricket to make something for my son. There are several text-based fabrics in the range and as he is a Publisher I thought it would be ideal, I hope he does too. Look forward to seeing what you decide to go with.

  11. So exciting! can't wait to see your quilt! :) Thanks for keeping it real with the undie pic too....oh how I understand those days/projects that just refuse to come together some times!

  12. Good on you Pam, can't wait to see your finished quilt:). Prepare to get addicted to it though;)


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