Saturday, 8 August 2020

Showcasing ~ How to Mend Jeans by Hand + Beetle Pattern

Strong and durable as jeans are, they invariably end up with worn patches. It seems that holes in jeans are now fashionable, but if you're not keen on that look, there's many ways to mend the hole and extend the life of an otherwise good pair of jeans.

Stephanie, from Swoodson Says, shows how to mend jeans by hand stitching an appliqué over the worn out patch. The sashiko style stitching embellishes the appliqué, in this case, a beetle pattern which is a free download. This cute beetle would look great on kids' jeans!

What do you do when you jeans develop holes?

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... Pam

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  1. Still one of the most asked for bits of hand sewing: patching jeans. It's also one of the most rewarding ones when you turn damaged goods into functional items with a little creative flair. I shall be adding this idea to my list of possibilities!


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