Thursday 3 January 2019

Goodbye 2018 ~ Hello 2019

The third day of the new year is just about to finish here in Australia. I thought I'd start of 2019's blogging by showing you some of my most popular posts from last year.

Since Mum broke her hip, and time has been limited, I've posted more on Instagram than on my blog - unlike a blog post, it's quick and easy to upload a photo. As I said in my Christmas message, our garden is my happy place, and it's where I've spent any available spare time, leaving next to no time for sewing.

I thought it would be interesting to see and compare the different posts that have been popular on both Instagram and on Threading My Way.

First up, my top nine most popular posts on Instagram - pictured above, and explained below - going row by row, left to right, starting with the top row.

Day Trip to Mt Wilson - We have many fond memories of Mt Wilson.

Australian Native Waratahs - We managed to get away to Canberra for a few days, and while there visited the Canberra Botanical Gardens.

The Queen Victoria Building - If you ever visit Sydney, pop in and see this beautiful old building. 

Australian Native Lorikeet - This cheeky little bird talks to Mum through her kitchen window.

Day Trip to Darling Harbour - Another must see location in Sydney.

Reusable Grocery Bag - Although in a different fabric, the only item to make it to both my Instagram top nine and my blog top nine. You all know I have a thing for text fabric, but this combination would have to be one of my all time favourites.

Pansies in Our Garden - Our garden is my happy place, so I'm pleased it made the top nine.

Gazanias in Our Garden - I probably take more photos of our garden than anything else.

Silk Screen Printed Quilt - Yay for a second sewing project in my top nine. I'm glad this one is there, because it took me so far out of my comfort zone, so was quite an achievement when finished.

And my top nine most popular blog posts for 2018. Only one is from 2018, with some dating back to 2012.

Denim Fabric Basket Tutorial - I just got lucky with this one! The right post, published at the right time and with the right photo. It's my all time most popular post, having been Pinned 113,000 times, viewed 488,564 times and with 116 comments. The baskets are still sitting, and in use, in my sewing room.

Fabric Basket Tutorial - Made before the denim baskets, this is such an easy make. I've made several for gifts over the years.

Fabric Basket with Drawstring Top - I'm lucky enough to have seen several versions made by readers. Makes my day, every single time!!!

Different Types of Seams - This was first written as a guest post, but never really took off when posted on Threading My Way. This is, until I redid the image for Pinterest. With 135,000 Pins, it would have to be my most Pinned post. Now, I know you can have a great image on Pinterest that leads to a not so great post, but I happen to think my Different Types of Seams post is comprehensive and informative.

Small Lined Drawstring Bag Tutorial - Another super easy to make project - my go to gift bag for small items. 

Drawstring Gift Bag with Divider ~ Tutorial - Just the right size for holding six bottles of nail polish.

Unlined Drawstring Bag Tutorial - Drawstring bags don't get any easier than this! I use them for travel bags, shoe bags, gift bags, wine bottle bags, handbag tidy bags and ice brick covers.

30 Free Zippered Pouch Tutorials - Looks like lots of people want to know how to make zippered pouches. All thirty pouches featured in the roundup were added to the Purses, Clutches & Pouches Link Party here at Threading My Way

Reusable Fabric Grocery Bag - I've lost count of how many of these bags I've made - for me and as gifts. I keep a set in the car for grocery shopping - I get lots of comments. They don't take long to make, and they're easy to wash and keep clean.

I think it's safe to say that my tutorials are reasonably popular. 

Every now and then I show you our garden on the blog, but sewing is the main focus. It's the reverse on Instagram, where the garden features heavily, along with places we visit, and the odd sewing project.

My spare time is still very limited, but here's looking forward to more sewing and blogging in 2019. Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope your year is filled with fun, laughter and time spent doing the things that are important to you.

... Pam


  1. Happy 2019 to you, too, Pam and best wishes to your Mum! Your garden is gorgeous and I always love your sewing projects!!

  2. Oodles of gorgeous images here, Pam. Hope your new year is a beautiful one and that your mum's year will be a healthy one.

  3. I love seeing the sites in Australia on your blog! I hope one day I will be able to visit there. Your tutorials are so well done and I have made so many of your bags! Happy New Year!

  4. Enjoy your garden! I love seeing pictures since we are in a muddy winter season here.
    That reusable grocery bag has a lovely fabric combination! I think it is my favorite, too.


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