Friday 3 August 2018

Winter Garden in Australia ~ Signs of Spring

Long time readers of Threading My Way will know that while my blog is mainly about sewing, gardening is my passion. It's my happy place. Since it has been a while since I've shown you pics, I thought it was about time to rectify that.

Whilst we've had some rather cold (for Australia) mornings, there have been some unseasonably warm days. Flowers are beginning to bloom, and it's obvious as I stroll around our garden, that Spring is on its way. 

The orange gazanias are a new addition - seedlings from my Mum's garden. I'm hoping they self seed in my garden, too. 

Some sort of iris given to me by a dear friend who passed away a few years ago now. We used to visit garden shows and nurseries together. My garden is full of plants from her garden. 

Our garden is one of great contrasts - from succulents in large containers...

... to ferns in hanging baskets.

The aloe vera has been flowering throughout Winter when little else does, and like most succulents they are very easy to propagate.

There's no rhyme or reasons as to where I plant things. If I think it'll look good and grow well, then in it goes. Plants that don't do well in one location are soon moved to another.

Can't beat these daisies for long lasting colour, and they attract lots of insects too.

Mr TMW has recently finished this section of a new path in a rather shady area.

And viewed from the other direction. We have to duck under the giant strelitzias planted into old washing machine inserts. In the background is my potting area. 

Providing almost year round colour, the geraniums are hardy and require next to no care.

My garden keeps me sane, or so I like to think. I'll happy spend hours every day out there, and living in Australia, I'm lucky that this is a year round activity. No need for gym memberships!

Whether you are a fellow gardener, or simply like to look at gardens, you may like to look at previous garden posts...

Do you enjoy gardens from up close, or from afar?

... Pam


  1. I love this about you. We're approaching high summer where the blooms peter out. I'm getting tired of watering. Thankfully we hit a cool phase -74'f today! -before we ramp up the heat again - nearly 100'f/40'c next week.
    I need to get a new aloe vera plant.

  2. I love seeing the different flowers you have there! Mom likes to say that gardening is her therapy. I need to spend more time in mine but it has been raining so much here lately! Thanks for sharing your garden pictures with us!

  3. Your garden is looking great ! Gardening requires lot of effort. I have never seen succulents in big containers. Even the smaller ones don't survive at my home.


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