Thursday 23 August 2018

What Do You Do When a Project Goes Wrong?

Do you ever think everything is going along swimmingly with what you are sewing, only to find that you've made a mistake quite early on in the process, but didn't notice. That was me with this hand stitched project.

What do you do when a sewing project doesn't go to plan ~ Threading My Way

When attending the Blackheath Quilting Retreat earlier this year, I began an English Paper Pieced project with Katrina Hadjimichael. I've done a little English Paper Piecing before, but I still have a lot to learn. It's amazing the little tips and tricks you pick up at a hands on day. 

Five months down the track, do you think I can remember everything I learnt? No way! I think I need to video those segments of the day.

There are no problems with the two flowers pictured above. They turned out as they should. 

Not so the yellow flower! I'm sure you can spot the problem... yep, the petal that's sewn on in the wrong direction. It had nothing to do with not remembering the things I'd learnt - I simply wasn't concentrating.

Yesterday I had a lot of time just hanging around at a venue, and so hand sewing was the perfect project to fill in time. It wasn't till the end of the day that I discovered the problem.

If only I'd discovered the problem a little earlier, it wouldn't have meant so much unpicking!!!

And here's my dilemma. I HATE unpicking, and am ever so tempted to pack it all away for another time. And that could mean years into the future.

However, I know if I unpick in the next few days, I'll be more likely to finish the project in a timely manner. In all honesty, I'll really have to force myself to choose this option.

What would you do in similar circumstances?

I'll let you know what I decide.

Out of three projects begun at the retreat, I've finished a bag I have yet to show you, have almost finished a Christmas Decorative Stitch Lotus, and so far only made a little progress with the English Paper Piecing.

Although I have all the materials to make a Granny's Garden Folder, I'm planning something else for my flowers. Stay tuned. Hopefully you won't have to wait too long.

... Pam


  1. I would certainly do that one petal over. It's not that much to rip out. Watch a movie or listen to music and it will be done in no time.

  2. I have just started learning all about hexies in January of this year...I am following along with the #fussycuttingsewalong on seeing what everyone comes up with for the rheme that week...and i have ubpicked a few wayward hexies....

  3. If it's only the one petal that needs to be unpicked then I would do that but I think that maybe you just ran from one to the other. In that case, unless the fabric I used in those pieces was irreplaceable, I'd probably toss the bunch and start that flower again.

  4. When I mess something up I tend to put the project away until I can face all the unpicking and generally when I pick it up again I am pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to resolve. I am sure you will find the unpicking less irksome Pam if you leave your flower alone for a bit :)

  5. Me and my seam ripper are the best of friends. I seem to use mine a lot. =) I would unpick it. Before you know it, it will be done and you can finish your flower.

  6. I think I would unpick it now as the temptation to finish the item would be too great. Although I'm not great at following my own advice and the last time I made a mistake I couldn't face solving it immediately

  7. Since I'm not crazy about hand sewing I would be very tempted to add it to my charity bag (they recycle fabric) however if I had actually handsewn that lovely flower I would Have to unpick it and make it right!! :)


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