Saturday 10 June 2017

Showcasing ~ Six Strip Rail Fence Shirt Quilt ~ Tutorial

Most rail fence quilt blocks are made with three strips. Today's showcased tutorial is a variation on the traditional rail fence quilt block. Made from flannel (flannelette) shirts, this memory quilt is bound to be treasured and loved.

Learn how to make a six strip rail fence quilt from flannel shirts. Memory quilt tutorial by Joys Jots, Shots & Whatnots

Joy, from Joy's Jots, Shots & Whatnots, shows how to construct a Six Strip Fence Rail Block Memory Quilt, complete with buttons, pockets and tags. Flannel is loosely woven and can stretch over time. Joy's detailed instructions show how to avoid this. 

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... Pam


  1. It's 27C right now but I want to wrap that lovely quilt around me :)

  2. Thank-you SO much for showcasing this memory gift for a bride. I really enjoyed this project, because it came together quickly.


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