Saturday 3 December 2016

Star Appliqué Christmas Card

Appliquéd cards are SO easy to make!!! Literally takes minutes to whip one up.

Make your own star appliquéd Christmas cards from scraps of fabric ~ Threading My Way

  • Make or buy a card
  • Cut shape/s from scrap fabric - 2" star template
  • Sew fabric to the card

I have a box of blank, store bough cards, ready to be embellished at a minute's notice.

I find there's no need to adhere the fabric to the card in any way. Just hold in place as you sew. Yes, it's going to fray, but that's all part of the charm.

Check out my previous posts for tips on sewing cards, particularly regarding needles. Card stock blunts the needle - replace it when you next sew with fabric. There's lots of information and links on sewing cards with paper and card stock...

Last night I finished writing my Christmas cards - the ones that will be sent in the post. And I reached the end of my store bought supply. In a world with limitless time, I'd replace all store bought cards with handmade Christmas cards from now on. The reality is somewhat different.

I'll most probably do a few special handmade Christmas cards each year, but the rest I'll hopefully purchase from charities - helps others and saves time for me.

If you make your own Christmas cards, what's the percentage of store bought to handmade?

I'll be adding my star appliquéd card to the Gift Wrapping link party here at Threading My Way. Check out the 12 Days of Christmas Challenges ~ Cards Made from Boxes linky, too.

If you spend any length of time on Pinterest like I do, you're bound to have seen lots of creative gift wrapping ideas. I've been pinning away...

... Pam


  1. We don't actually "do" much of the Christmas card thing anymore, so obviously I don't bother making them... although that doesn't prevent me from admiring the work of those who do. In Canada, the major charities regularly send out packages of cards (covering all occasions) to their donors. I have more than I can use from all of those places and like you say, it raises awareness of the charities and helps them out. So long story short, I don't buy any Christmas cards but neither do I make them!

  2. I have Christmas cards I have bought on clearance, but I always forget to send them.

  3. We're the same as you, we send a few special homemade ones and then buy a pack from a charity. I like to make something special for family living far away who we won't actually see over the holidays. You know how I love ideas for scraps of fabric, this is another great one!

  4. These are lovely and so effective. I occasionally make my own cards for special occasions. I would love to have enough time to make more.

    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

  5. Such a novel idea to sew onto card, I wonder if I could do something similar but cheat and stick the fabric on? I love the two textures and think the children here would enjoy the craft if they could stick and not sew. I'll have to try.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #Trtash2Treasure

  6. These look stunning, though I would probably ruin it is I tried to do it myself as I cannot sew! #Trash2Treasure

  7. What a wonderful way to use up leftover Christmas fabric.#Trash2Treasure

  8. I've never tried sewing fabric to card, it looks fun. Your card is lovely. #Trash2Treasure


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