Monday 12 December 2016

Pencil Case Christmas Present

A quick post to show you a Christmas gift that's been sewn, wrapped and sent off via Australia Post...

... a pencil case that's been filled with writing supplies. With a finished size of 8" x 8" it fits a lot.

I ventured into Smiggle a couple of weeks ago. Not somewhere I normally visit. The ruler above was the only thing I purchased in there. WOW - whoever thought of that model is really onto something. I'm not sure why - maybe it's just good marketing - but the kids LOVE the plastic stationery items.

I was really happy with how my pencil case turned out. The exterior fabric is one piece (quilted) - so no top or bottom seams - only side seams.

Looking at it now, I wish I'd made the zipper tabs either green or purple, but I'm guessing the little recipient won't care at all.

I have another two pencil cases to make, so I'll give you details about how it's made in a future post.

Still a few more things to make, but I'm confident I'll finish.

How are you going with Christmas plans?

... Pam


  1. SO so cute - I have to Google Smiggle to see what they are, lol. What do you still have to make? I bet I know! ;)

  2. I made snappy bags and I'm giving one to my niece for her to keep her Barbie accessories, I got her in.

  3. Adorable pencil your fabric choices!!

  4. Gorgeous pencil case Pam! I've been in Smiggle lots with my girls and marvelled at how much kids like it all and that people are willing to pay so much for pencil cases etc! I much prefer to hand make pencil cases for my girls and their friends!!


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