Friday, 13 May 2016

Contents of My Travel Sewing Kit

I've been missing in action for a little while. Scheduled posts kept the blog going, while I travelled to the other side of the country for a wedding. If you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen a few pics already. Knowing I'd have a little spare time some evenings, I took my travel sewing kit with me.

Keep a sewing kit on hand, ready to grab when you travel ~ Threading My Way

The bag itself is the Retro Reticule, which is actually intended as more of an evening bag. With the three compartments, one being zippered, it's also perfect to use as a travel sewing kit. I always have it packed with supplies for making hexies, so it's ready to grab and throw in my handbag as I run out the door.

For my trip away the kit travelled in my luggage, taking up next to no room at all. Space was at a premium thanks to all the clothes I took for the wedding - outdoors on an Autumn evening meant taking layers of warm clothes, good shoes and a handbag, as well as clothes for the rest of the visit.

So what's in my travel sewing kit...
  • thread - good quality for joining the hexies
  • small pair of scissors
  • Clover wonder clip
  • hexie templates
  • fabric pre-cut 

A friend gave me this tiny sewing kit years ago, and it's fabulous for holding... 
If I needed them, I could easily add a few pins, too.

I have lots of poor quality thread that I've accumulated over the years. I don't particularly want to use it in my machine, but it's fine for basting stitches that are going to be taken out anyway.

I stayed in the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula. The beaches are simply stunning!!! Not that I went anywhere near the water.

Only the surf board riders were game enough to brave the cold.

Despite the appearance of the sun in the two beach photos, it was cold, wet and windy for most of my stay. The wedding took place in the grounds of The Old Church, at Sellicks Beach - a beautiful venue. The days on either side of the wedding were miserable (weather wise), but amazingly the rain held off for most of the special day.

Towards the end of the visit, I did manage to sew a few hexie flowers, so I'm glad I took my Retro Reticule sewing kit. Here's a few more ideas for travel sewing kits...

How do you carry your hand sewing when you are out and about?

... Pam


  1. Those beaches look stunning Pam! How great that the weather held for the wedding too. I hope that photo is not of your wedding outfit :)

    I used to carry my hand sewing in the ubiquitous ziplock bag, but have since upgraded to a much smarter fabric bag.

  2. I'm glad you're having a good time! What a cute sewing kit! I wonder how much sewing you'll get done?!

  3. Congratulations for the wedding may you always join happyevents.
    I do not have a traveling sewing kit , but do always have my knitting qcrochet with me ,,,

  4. I have a teensy mending kit just like yours. My Dana, now 32, bought it for me when she was on a cousin's camping trip with Grandma 23 years ago. It is a precious treasure.


  5. I love your mini sewing kit, sew pretty!

  6. What a beautiful area for a wedding! With our reversed seasons, we are looking forward to warm weather but are having the same cold rainy weather as you right now.

    Loved looking at all the travel sewing kit ideas. I find that my needs are different depending on what kind of hand sewing I'm doing at any given time. It was great to find other ideas for smaller kits which is something I find I need lately. Thanks, once again, for some great ideas and beautiful photos.

  7. The bride and groom are lucky that they had good weather - with the poor weather the day before they must have been biting their knuckles a bit! Lovely beach pictures - I'm not fond of the sun or heat so the cool days wouldn't have made me unhappy :D My favourite sewing kit is a cat eyeglass case that a friend gave me years ago - it's the perfect size to tuck in a bag with whatever project I take along in the car for road trips :)

  8. Love it! It's so cute! Beautiful pictures too of the beach. Too bad it is not warmer. Hope you enjoyed the wedding and your trip away! We are going to Tennessee in a few weeks. I don't think my family will allow any sewing-and honestly, I need a break! ;) Plus, I don't think I have anything small enough to work on! LOL FYI...I've chose this post as my feature on Friday at Pinbellish. Blessings!

  9. Wow, those beaches look amazing, I don't think I could have let the weather put me off, but then I do have a big weak spot for cold water (and weather!) swimming - good thing given where we live! Recently I've been taking wool and a crochet hook with me whilst on the go as I try and improve my (lack of) skills there. But I am itching to get some hexies on the go again. I watched a film the other day which had a lovely hexie quilt in it - just random piecing and I think I need a long term project of making myself one!


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