Tuesday 10 March 2015

Make a Simple Sewing Kit...

It's easy to make a small sewing kit that contains all of your essential sewing accessories. A zippered pouch makes it easy to take your bits and pieces to a sewing day, or just to keep them neat and tidy at home.

Make a Simple Sewing Kit... essential sewing accessories to include ~ Threading My Way

I recently made up a sewing kit for someone who's relatively new to sewing. I've been so happy with the Open Wide Pouches I've made in the last couple of months... 
... and so, once again, I've used Noodlehead's Open Wide Pouch Tutorial.

Each time I make an open wide pouch, I vary the dimensions to alter the shape of the finished bag. This time I started with two rectangles 10" x 8" and made the boxed corners 3½". When making the bag measure 1¾" from each corner.

Making the boxed corners 3½" wide makes for a zippered pouch that is almost like a fabric basket when opened. This was exactly what I wanted - fabric basket when in use and zippered pouch when finished.

For added structure, I added Vilene H640 fusible fleece, so it can stand by itself, whether open or closed.

Every new sewist has to have a needle case or needle book. It's been a long time since I've made a needle book - too many to count, but my needle book was made in the 60s. It's most definitely seen better days, but it's still in use. My Mum has the needle case I hand stitched at school and I have an even older one that Mum made at school.

Having totally forgotten how I made mine, I looked around for free tutorials, adding them to my Sewing Accessories Pinterest board...
... and ended up not using any of them. Most of them had soft covers, whereas I wanted one with a hardish cover, like my original. I used a cardboard like interfacing to achieve the effect I was after. If I make another one, I'll take photos along the way.

The pages were originally a woollen jumper (sweater), which I felted a couple of years ago.

I totally forgot about a closure for the needle case until it was too late. I'd rather start again, than unpick when I've finished, so I improvised with a strap from an old aerobics costume. It does the job.

A pin cushion is a must for a sewing kit. Again, I looked for free tutorials...
... but decided I'd do quick and simple - Two pieces of fabric sewn together, filled with polyester filling. I came across lots of discussions as to the best stuffing for a pin cushion. Many people believe polyester blunts the pins, but that's what I ended up going with. My existing pin cushion is 25 + years old and has polyester filling and I can't say I've encountered any problems. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Of course I bought a container of pins for the sewing kit - glass headed. I also added sewing needles, various threads and a small pair of sharp scissors.

Thanks to Margie, for telling me about Alan's Pen Making. As well as pens, they make beautiful seam rippers. I bought two - one for the sewing kit and one for me. One end is a regular seam ripper and the second is a large blade - perfect for unpicking jeans.

Of course I could have added more sewing accessories, such as a tape measure (the recipient already has one) and Clover Wonder Clips. What would you add to a sewing kit for someone new to sewing?

As the Felt Houses fabric comes from Spoonflower, I thought it ideal for making a sewing kit. When she was 12 years old, Julia Monroe created an art work, comprising felt houses on burlap (hessian), glued to a laundry detergent box. 40 years later, she scanned the original artwork and had it printed at Spoonflower. How cool is that?

Looking for custom made sewing kits...

When I attend a three day quilting retreat later this month, I'll be using my Free Motion Embroidered Open Wide Pouches as a way to carry my sewing bits and pieces. Mine won't stand up like a fabric basket, though.

... Pam


  1. The beneficiary of your kit must have loved such a wonderful and organised kit. Can save a lot of time and keep us sane during the process :)

    Thanks for sharing loved it.


  2. Lucky recipient is all set for whatever sewing emergencies come her way :)

    I use polyester stuffing and lizard litter (crushed walnut shells) for my pincushions. I like the heft and weight that the litter gives them - they won't go flying from my table or the couch arm if I accidentally give 'em a little knock. I've never noticed any dulling of my pins from the stuffing - I can't even imagine that it DOES dull them!

  3. This is a great idea for any new sewist. It would also be a cute gift for a little girl just starting out sewing. :) I don't have a needle book. Yours is so cute and it is neat that you have had it for so long!

  4. What a gorgeous little kit Pam. And those wide open pouches look great - now I want to make one too!

  5. Your bag to put all your tools in is a perfect idea. I love my needle book & have used them as gifts to my friend that sew. You can see it at http://xoxograndma.blogspot.com/2014/02/sew-fun-needlebook.html!

  6. Hi Pam!!! This is a beautiful kit! I really like the size of the pouch. As for how to fill the pincushion, I made one, stuffed with polyester and I love it. I love the fabrics that you used for your creations, all beautiful.
    Thank you for all links!

  7. Great post Great idea,,,,,, i forgot the days when i had `only` a few sewing items,,,, how on earth did they Multiple into so many boxes shelves bags etc ,,,, ?

  8. Love this idea! I want one for my trailer when I'm camping but I want to bookmark this idea in my head for Christmas presents.

  9. I was thinking all the way through - it's gotta have a seam ripper, but then you added one! My other must have is a pen/pencil for marking fabric that's removeable. Another great fabric choice here as well.

  10. So cute, great idea for the needles! #creativemonday

  11. Love this idea :) great set and material..

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays

  12. This is 'sew' cute Pam! I have a sewing box but I'd love a little kit just to keep with my ironing things to repair lost buttons and hems coming down. Thanks so much for linking up to Thriving on Thursdays each week. It's always great to catch up with what you're doing. I'm featuring this one at tomorrow's party. Have a great Easter!

    Anne xx

    1. A kit for when you're ironing is a fabulous idea! How clever :)

  13. I love this idea! I've added it to the top of my to do list. I'm always losing needles, or put my scissors or snippets down and can't find them. This is much better than the old box I'm currently using. I love that it's made from a previous garment. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Elle. The little pouch makes the sewing kit very portable, too.


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