Tuesday 24 March 2015

Op Shop Sewing Finds...

A trip to the Lions Club of Berowra Op Shop almost always results in fabulous finds and additions to my sewing stash. Not only are they cheaper than the larger Op Shops (Thrift Stores), but everything is so well organised. 

Naturally, what's there depends on what has been donated. Not knowing what you will find is all part of the experience. Maybe you'll be lucky, maybe not. There's a certain air of anticipation as I walk into the shop, which quickly turns to excitement as I sort through and find something unexpected or of value.

This time I was absolutely thrilled to find 2m or beautiful Japanese cotton, uncut and still with the label stuck on. It's quite a loose weave and will be perfect for bag making. I think the fabric will also be a great base to use with combinations of scrap fabrics. 

The cost - $3. That's $1.50/m!!!

Next up is 2m of this orange/brown fabric. It looks very much like a mid weight linen, but I can't be certain. Again, I'm thinking bag making. For $3, I couldn't leave it there.

There's 3m of the blue fabric, also costing $3. There's a shine to the fabric, so definitely a percentage of synthetic, but at $1/m, a real bargain. There's nothing special about it and it's my least favourite, but I'll actually be cutting into it today.

I chose three patterns to bring home, each costing $1. The two outside ones interest me the most, as I don't have a lot of patterns for stretch fabric. See how short the boys' shorts are? Wouldn't be hard to lengthen them, though. The pattern on the right, unlike many of its era, covers a wide range of sizes. And they're basics which really don't go out of fashion.

This time there was a box full of buttons, all bagged up. I could easily have brought home more than three bags.

There are some truly unique buttons - ones I just couldn't buy now-a-days.

There's nothing special about the Beutron buttons on the card. I mainly bought them for the text on the card.

Last month, I showed you a 1950's ad for boil tested buttons. Well, here are some boil tested buttons. Each button had apparently been boil tested for one hour before it left the factory. Never mind the grammatical mistake - everyone instead of every one.

This is only my third trip to the Lions Club of Berowra Op Shop and each time I've come home with bargains...

If you are thinking of adding to your sewing stash by delving into the world of Op Shop / Thrift Store shopping, the following resources may be of interest...

Much as I get a real kick out of Op Shop fabric finds, I have to limit my visits. It's exactly the same as for new fabric. My INCOMING greatly exceeds my OUTGOING!!!

... Pam


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    1. Great finds Pam! I love to Op-shop but have never found any fabric like that - I usually come home with more "I must be able to make something out of this one day!" items. Oh well, one day! lol

  2. Fun finds at your op shop (thrift store)! Can't wait to see whatcha do with 'em.


  3. You are the queen of shopping! I love snagging buttons. They take up so little space and if you don't ever use them, they are just plain fun to have to look through! My kids use them for crafting, so I have to hide what I want to keep for myself!

  4. I scored some lovely vintage fabric from an op shop, most of my buttons are from there, so is my sewing machine! Op shops rule hehe

  5. That fabric is beautiful! Lucky you on those patterns, too. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with those.

  6. I love thrift stores and garage sales too for finding little treasures too. It's fun and you never know what you might find. Just last week there were 3 sewing machines for sale for $29.99 each. I didn't need another machine, but if I had what a great deal!

  7. Now that was a successful trip Pam! Those buttons were a great find.

  8. Fantastic finds you lucky thing. Must have a little trip around the corner to my local one again soon.

  9. Oh those fabrics (they all look like linen!) and buttons are delicious - I love hitting the thrift stores - bargains tend to be few and far between, but I feel like I've won a race when I find something fun and sewy for a bargain price :D I always head right to the bedding section first as that's where the fabrics hide out :D

  10. I'm in love with the Japanese fabric, and those buttons are gorgeous. Nowadays it's really difficult to find good quality ones.

  11. These buttons are beautiful, could never resist buying them, I also like fabrics and not to mention the price. I can say that you have a good eye for finding deales !!!!!

  12. What great finds, love your button card too! I am such a thrifting addict, which, like you, is not good for my incoming/outgoing ratios!

  13. Great finds. Sadly op shops around here are all about clothes and shows only.


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