Wednesday 29 October 2014

Drawstring Gift Bags...

Reusable Drawstring Gift Bags... two gifts in one ~ Threading My Way

Christmas is fast approaching - sooner than I'd like. 2014 was going to be my year to be super organised, pacing myself throughout the year, so there'd be no last minute rush. Hmmm - it hasn't happened. All I've made are some pillowcases - one with lace and two with piping.

Reusable Drawstring Gift Bag... sewn by Yesterfood  using a tutorial by Threading My Way

Joy, from Yesterfood, on the other hand, has been getting things ready early for Christmas. A while ago, Joy let me know that she'd made a Christmas bag, using one of my tutorials - the small lined drawstring bag tutorial. I love it in the Christmas fabric and with the red ribbon drawstring the perfect way to finish it off.

Reusable Drawstring Gift Bags... two gifts in one ~ Threading My Way

Here's the original drawstring bag. I've made a few now, but none for me. They've all been used as small gift bags. They're a handy little size, but it's easy to alter the dimensions to make a larger bag. I can tell that Christmas is not far away, as the drawstring bag tutorial is attracting a lot of extra traffic at the moment.

Reusable Drawstring Gift Bags... two gifts in one ~ Threading My Way

Other bags that would be good to use instead of gift wrapping, are the Treasure Bags pictured above, These are simple, unlined bags with French seams on the inside to keep everything looking neat and tidy. I've made quite a lot of these bags over the last few years. They're great for holding little bits and pieces. Two Christmases ago, I gifted some felt, robot finger puppets in a treasure bag made from robot fabric.

Reusable Drawstring Gift Bags... two gifts in one ~ Threading My Way

I think I'd better get moving and at least start to think about the gifts I'd like to give. Last year I did a lot of sewing for Christmas:
Yeah, I was on a roll with cushions. I even made a quilt. There'll be nothing that time consuming this year, but I would like to give some handmade presents.

Are you on track for a stress free Christmas? If you're looking for more reusable Christmas gift bags, you might like to check out the post I wrote last year. You'll also find ideas and inspiration in the Gift Wrapping link party, here at Threading My Way.

Thanks, Joy, for sharing your lovely Christmas bag!!! If you make something with one of my tutorials, I'd love to see it.

... Pam


  1. I think I will make for the ornament exchanges I will be attending.

    1. Clever idea to wrap an ornament with one of these bags, Sharon.

  2. I was happy to see your smiling face on my google plus grid!! How are you, busy girl?
    I enjoy your blog too. You must be in Spring time there, as we are in Fall. I often wonder if other people sew with seasonal colors like I do. I'm sewing with fall silks this weekend.
    Keep in touch, LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  3. Pam, all of your Christmas wrapping is beautiful! There's a size for anything and everything. I agree with Amy- you are nice and early with some very helpful Christmas ideas! Thank you for including the little Christmas bag I made- I actually made two more of your little bags over the weekend. They're addictive! :)

  4. I enjoy making drawstring bags myself these are all so pretty and great ideas for gifts.


  5. I'm doing pretty good with my Christmas sewing - some gifts had to be wrapped in paper because they're being mailed and the extra weight of the bag added to the mailing costs, but most of my them are being delivered, so I've been making drawstring bags on and off all year :D Some of them are even the gift themselves! ;)

  6. Pam I love these little bags. I am never organized enough to have these on hand, but I have been looking at Christmas fabric lately thinking that I love all the new patterns and wondering what I could do with them all. This is perfect! Thanks for the inspiration. I have pinned this pattern to have it later. Donna

  7. Hi Pam! I love your drawstring bags! They are a great idea for Christmas gifts! Thanks for sharing!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  8. Such a great idea for all the leftover fabric I have! Thanks for linking up to The Wednesday Roundup!

  9. Awww so cute! I love this idea of reuseable gift bags. Thanks for linking up to Snickerdoodle Sunday!


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