Wednesday 8 October 2014

Babushka Appliquéd Child's Tote...

Cass, from Cass Can Sew, has just released her second free appliqué template - Ombre Russian Dolls. I was lucky enough to be involved in testing the pattern. The free pdf download comes in 4 sizes, which gives you the option of printing just the size you need, or making a whole set of nesting dolls.

As with my last few appliqués, I've gone with scribbly stitching around and on the appliqué. I haven't made it too scribbly, but hope it looks deliberate enough that it doesn't look like crooked, sloppy stitching... LOL!!! I love the effect of scribbly stitching on appliqués and it is so easy to do.

I could have stitched the face detail as well, but decided to go with fabric markers - 3 quick curved lines and heat set. Couldn't be easier.

If you've never done appliqué before, the Ombre Babushka is a good one to begin with. There's only five pieces and no really sharp angles. You can machine appliqué with zig zag or scribbly stitching. As an alternative, you could also hand stitch with a blanket stitch.

While we're taking about appliqués; I haven't forgotten about the robot wine waiter I blogged about in July. I'll put it into a format I can share with you soon. I need more hours in each day to do all the things that are swimming around in my head!!!

Another little tote bag made for Dress a Girl Around the World, Sydney, Australia and in support of Education Without Borders. These little bags, sewn with the Little Shopper Tote tutorial, will be filled with pencils, crayons and note books and in 2015, will be distributed to disadvantaged children throughout the world.

... Pam


  1. Awwwwwwwwwww she's a cute little dolly, and that's a cute little bag!

  2. I really love that scribbly style of stitching. It adds a bit of personality. How great are Cass's appliqué patterns?

  3. I really love what you've done Pam :) I'm a huge fan of scribbly stitch too and love the idea of drawing on the face. I haven't worked with fabric pens before. I think it's high time I ducked down to spotty to get myself some to play with! Thanks for sharing this and thanks so much again for helping me out with the pattern testing. x

  4. That is so cute Pam! Cass's dolls are adorable.

  5. The scribbley stitching looks great! The applique is adorable.:)

  6. This is extremely pretty and love if you share this babushka appliqued childs tote on Fabulous Friday Party! thanks maria

  7. She is adorable Pam! thanks for the link


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