Monday 4 August 2014

Shorts on the Line...

Even though it's still Winter here in Australia, some days have been unseasonably warm. Spring is fast approaching, so time to make some new shorts.  

Once again, I've sewn Mud Puddle Splashers, a PDF pattern by Fishsticks Designs. I already had the pattern taped together, so it was just a matter of tracing a larger size. 

I used denim for two pairs, this time. Denim is sturdy enough to take the rough and tumble a little boy can dish out, it's good for in-between weather and I like the look.

Small details such as topstitching really add to the finish and on denim it's fun to use a contrasting colour. With the first pair, I used a pale blue and on the second pair, I chose red. 

I know one of the legs looks shorter on the shorts in the photo above, but it's not. I thought a third photo shoot with Little Mister was stretching it, so no outdoor action shots.

This is the first time I've added the back pocket option - super easy to do and they dress up the overall look of the shorts. Using a twin needle, I experimented with the design of the stitching on the pockets. I just eye balled it and made up the pattern as I went along. No two pockets are the same!

The third pair of shorts is made with a fabric that's perhaps a tad thicker than denim. I have no idea what it is, but am assuming it's a thick cotton. I found it very cheaply some time ago at the Fabric Cave, now called the Fabric, Needlecraft and More Store, run by Achieve Australia, to support the employment of people with a disability.

Little Mister loves to put his hands in his pockets, so of course I've included the in seam pocket option.

I chose three different embroidery stitches for the hems - #114, #35 and #62 on my Bernina. I really like the way they finish off the shorts.

The Mud Puddle Splashers are one of my favourite boys' shorts patterns (no, I'm not being sponsored). The pattern is easy to tape together, the instructions are clear, detailed and easy to follow, and most importantly, they are a good fit.

This year, Imagine Gnats is hosting Shorts on the Line over at Kollabora. I do have a Kollabora account, but I have to admit, I've only logged in once. When I add my shorts I really should have a look around, as I've heard from a couple of people that it's good. 
Do you use Kollabora?

I'll also be adding these shorts to the Shorts, Pants & Leggings ongoing link party here at Threading My Way.

... Pam


  1. Very nice shorts. I like the variety of hem stitching.

  2. Cute shorts, and cute model :) Even my good-natured adult model (DS1) gets antsy after a few pictures - they're obviously men of action, and need to be doing things rather than posing ;)

  3. I love your hem stitching. I did not think about using something like that instead of a straight stitch; I will now! When my son was little, I use to make his shorts out of quilting cottons, but the older he got, the less they lasted! There were so few patterns, that I was aware of, at the time I was sewing them. I did save all his shorts though because they were all made of super heroes or cartoons. One day I will put them in some kind of quilt for him. Funny how I never considered using denim! Love these!

  4. I love all the different decorative stitches and the topstitching you did on the shorts!

  5. I love those decorative stitches! Really "one-of-a-kind" of clothes!

  6. The stitched details add character to these shorts for sure! Even more with the very contrasting color. Lucky boy!

  7. Nice job on the pockets. Sewing pockets for kid clothes reminds me of the storybook "A Pocket for Corduroy." I don't remember too much about that book, but I remember liking it as a kid :)


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