Tuesday 26 August 2014

Blog Hop...

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked if I would like to join in a writing process blog hop. I received an email from Christine, of ChrisW Designs and later the same day, another from Jill, of Creating my Way to Success. Both of these Aussie women, are bloggers I respect and admire. They are each experts in their field.

Christine designs and sells beautiful bag patterns. A girl can never have too many bags!!! Jill refashions, re-purposes and upcycles. She has written over 100 sewing tutorials. If you haven't come across their blogs, go and have a look, then come back and read my answers to the four questions posed to all blog hop participants.

What am I working on?
I chop and change all the time, but at the moment I'm sewing with fabrics my daughter has designed - Little Ladybird on Spoonflower.

Mumma and Bubba teamed with lace made into a skirt.

And Robot Rock made into shorts.

Following on from my rainbow maxi dress, I'm also sewing a set of rainbow skirts. These little skirts will eventually be making their way to markets with Little Ladybird.

How does my work differ from others in its genre?
I learnt to sew before the invention of the personal computer, so my background in sewing is perhaps a little different to those who have learnt to sew with the help of Google. I like to think I have the best of both worlds - the structure and know how of many of the tried and true methods of sewing, combined with creativity, enthusiasm and a willingness to just get in and do it.

I am really enjoying sewing now, far more than when I was younger. Now-a-days whatever my question, the answer is just a keystroke away.

Why do I write / create what I do?
I began my blog as a creative outlet when I found myself with more time on my hands. Like many others, it was a way of documenting my sewing projects. But my blog has become much more than that. I've developed many skills (both blogging and sewing) along the way, and I'm enjoying the learning curve.

To be happy, I have to be continually learning and the combination of sewing and blogging gives me that. It's also a fabulous way to connect with other like minded people.

Now there's always a camera on my sewing table, documenting the steps to any project I design myself. Ha, ha... not back when I began blogging. Above is the only photo of this robot wall hanging.

How does my writing / creative process work?
There's really no order to my creative process. I do what I feel like, when I feel like it. That's why I chop and change so much. One minute I'm sewing kids' clothes, then when something else takes my fancy, I'll drop that and concentrate on something else. Who knows what will be next... maybe finishing off a quilt I've started, making some fabric baskets I've already bought fabric for, perhaps more sewing for me, or maybe even more time spent outside in my garden. We'll see.

The next step of the blog hop is to get to know other bloggers and their blogs. After contacting several bloggers, asking if they would like to participate, I have decided to leave the blog hop open to anyone who would like to continue and answer the questions. Looks like it's a busy time of year. Feel free to answer any of the questions in the comments, or leave me a link if you write a post.

... Pam


  1. I adore that skirt with the lace trim!

  2. Pam, I always enjoy seeing what you are up to! As a mother who works with her daughter it is fun to see you work with your daughters fabrics. I also began sewing when we needed to depend on books and friends and relatives to learn a new sewing skill. Now with the access to the personal computer I feel that everything is within our reach. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lovely post Pam. I love seeing what you get up to because you always make something different.

  4. Pam, I just love your blog. There is always so much to see on it and I enjoy seeing your newest creation. I am in awe of your blogging skills! I am not a technical person and have to ask my kids for help at times. The first time I tried to write my name on a photo, I worked on that for a couple of hours until I was frustrated. One of my girls came up and said, "what are you doing?" Within a few seconds and a few clicks of the mouse, she did it for me. That was well over a year ago! Now my son is taking computer programming in the 8th grade. So, I hope one day he can make some improvements to my blog page. LOL

  5. That's good that your love for sewing has not disappeared but has actually grown. The Mumma and Bubba fabric matched with the lace has turned out beautifully and I can't wait to take the rainbow skirts to the markets!

  6. You always have such great projects on the go Pam, the rainbow skirt looks so cute!

  7. Great post, Pam! I love that you are always sharing what you know and new things you have learned. Those skirts look so cute!

  8. I very much enjoyed your blog hop post, Pam. Your answers to the questions remind me that my sewing learning experience has been very much like that of yours. I am older than you, so I remember watching my mother and my sister, who was 12 years older than me, sew on Mama's Singer manual sewing machine. You know the kind you actually moved your feet in an up and down motion for the machine to run. I even sewed a few seams on that old machine myself.

    In high school, girls were required to take Home Ec. classes where we learned how to read and lay out a pattern, etc. and there were definitely no personal computers. We learned a lot from trial and error and we learned to appreciate the occasional "happy" accident, which was inevitable! We do now have the best of both worlds!

    Thanks for introducing me to Christine and Jill's blogs. I will be following them now. Like your blog, theirs have so much to enjoy and learn from.

    The projects you have been working on are fabulous! I checked out your daughter's beautiful fabrics and they are wonderful! She is so very talented. You must be proud of her and what she is doing. Like you, she has put her talents and love of fabrics to use in such creative ways. Have a beautiful Friday and weekend, friend!

  9. WOW Pam....your daughter's fabrics are GORGEOUS! I've only just started to have an interest in designing my own fabric....I even bouht a couple of books...the only problem is that it is so far down my "To Do' list I doubt you will see any fabric designed by me anytime soon! LOLLL Thanks for joining in on the hop!

  10. Pam, now that I see this post, I remember you sent me an e-mail about it. I read it but couldn't reply right away. then I forgot it as I do with everything these days (too little sleep) and now I can't find it... =(

  11. Pam, I've said it before but I do love the peeks into the person behind the blog.:) " I do what I feel like, when I feel like it. " I need to do more of this. Often times when I start to feel burned out from sewing it's because I'm locked into doing a project(s) for someone else and don't have the time to let my creativity flow.

    I can't wait to see what you're up to next!



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