Thursday 29 May 2014

Adding to my Stash...

I may have a room full of fabrics and sewing notions, but there's not nearly enough to cater for every sewing activity. Sometimes a project calls for large quantities of co-ordinating fabric that I just don't have.

At the moment I'm sewing a quilt using a jelly roll of Indigo, by Moda. I looked online to find fabrics from the same line, but I couldn't find them anywhere, even overseas. Seems it will be available later in the year. Maybe the jelly roll I have was an early release. I'm not sure, but anyway, I needed sashing, border and backing fabrics. 

When I'm trying to match fabrics from different lines, I prefer to visit stores in person. Much as I love shopping for fabric online, I find it harder to see what will work together. In an actual store, I can carry bolts around and put the fabrics together, till I get the combination that works best.

So, off I trotted to Fortunes and Fairies.

As I'd walked in, I'd seen the sales tables outside, but I was determined to only purchase what I'd come for. Mission accomplished... I didn't even look at the discounted fabric!!! I successfully walked out with just these two fabrics above, which will become the borders.

Back in the car, Mr TMW was patiently waiting. Maybe the fact that he was waiting had something to do with me shopping for fabric in record time. Anyway, he'd set up his laptop and mobile broadband in the car, so off I went, back to the sale. In fact, Mr TMW encouraged me to go back... Don't hurry, he said. How lucky am I?

There were bolts and bolts of quilting fabric for only $10. Now that may not seem much of a sale if you live in the U.S. or Canada, but for us in Australia, it's a BIG saving. These fabrics were discounted from their original prices of $18 - $26. Yes, that's how much we pay for fabric over here.

The two fabrics above will become backings for two quilts. Ha, ha... I'd forgotten to buy the backing for the Indigo quilt, so just as well I went back. 

The purple batik will probably be incorporated into a quilt with my screen printed fabric, made at a Saffron Craig workshop. A little of the brown will become a zippered pouch and the blue, well, it just caught my eye.

I ADORE text fabrics!!! There's just something about them when they are mixed with other fabrics. Even the Snow White one appeals, although I'd only use small pieces of it in amongst other fabrics.

All up, in one week, I made three visits to Fortunes and Fairies to score these goodies, as well as a few metres of flannelette which is not in any of the photos. I don't know if the sale is still on, but if you live in or near the Hawkesbury in NSW, you won't be able to walk out of Fortunes and Fairies empty handed.

Later in the same week, Mr TMW and I were in Sydney and as we were driving past Chatswood, I suggested a stop at Tessuti Fabrics. I could sense how excited Mr TMW was, but as always he came with me. He didn't stay for long, though, and we agreed to meet 15 minutes later. 

I'd previously purchased linen, (for a travel shoe bag), from Tessuti's online store, but had never been there in person. They don't sell quilting fabric, but have a good range of fabrics suitable for garments and bags.

When Mr TMW came back, I was down on the floor, rummaging through a huge basket of zippers. Sure enough, 15 minutes had elapsed and I hadn't turned up at our meeting place. Mr TMW plonked himself down on a chair and waited patiently, while I scored some YKK zippers; small metal ones for 50c and large ones for $1. 

Fabric shops take note: comfortable chairs in store are a must!

... Pam


  1. Is it weird that I scanned your post and immediately went to the zipper picture? Great fabric scores (here in Canada, too, $10/m is a good sale price in the quilt stores) - and love that you found some zipper bargains - I love me a good bin of zippers to dig through! When I go into Toronto to the fabric district there are several stores where I get to do just that! It's always the highlight of my trip, LOL!

  2. $10 would be a massive bargain for us too, I think we pay as much as you guys do. The quilt shop I went to at the weekend also runs workshops and has meeting rooms and so on, that means it has a cafe which does snacks, cakes and meals. perfect for taking your menfolk. There were several solitary men sat there!

  3. Sounds like my husband and I when we go shopping! LOL I prefer to buy fabric in person too, I have a hard time judging colors and stuff online.

  4. My husband inwardly groans and perhaps howls when I say I want to go to the craft store. But lately I think I've replaced the craft store with the home improvement store. Those people are starting to know me! I guess that means I go there too much.

    1. Maybe you just need to change stores...

    2. Sounds like a good plan. I'll just head back to the craft stores. lol

  5. It is hallways fun to read your fabric stash posts :) Online fabric shopping has been hit and miss for me, I much prefer to see what I am getting in person. And I am terrible at resisting sales...I am trying to sew up my stash to excuse myself ;) The snow white fabric is so sweet, I am sure you will tastefully incorporate that in your project!

  6. LOL, I agree with the comfortable shoes part, and I always end up buying more than I had planned :-) Sometimes my hub will ask me "Haven't I seen that before?" :-)

  7. What a sweet hubby! Those are some good deals. I'm jealous over those zippers!

  8. OH PAM , I could not stop laughing ,,
    after 2 years of sewing ONLY with leftovers ,,,, i found out that i needed one little piece of fabric to complete a work ,,,,, Thus while in Mid Town for another matter. I entered my regular shop,,, mumbling i only want a ... i only want. Shop Owner and ladies all greeted me with smiles [ i shop there over 5o years],,, and the owner says he has a Bolt-End pure cotton, just my taste and he will make me a nice price.... so i mumbled my mantra, looked at that piece and adopted it ,,,, Came home imidiately washed it and already sewed it ... no regrets ,, a woman is entitled to some New fabric ,,,isn't t she ,,,
    Go and shop when it is worth it`s while !!! i enjoyed reading it and enjoyed seeing the photos Thank you for starting my day with this Beauty !!!

  9. Nice addition! I can never say no to zippers either and I really like texty fabrics as well.

  10. What a lovely fabric haul! I adore text prints too, I certainly need to get my hands on some more!! Happy sewing with all your new additions :-)

  11. What a great collection! And you can never go wrong with zippers!! Boy is fabric expensive!

  12. Hey Pam! Thanks for linking up, looks like you made some really great fabric finds there. I love text fabrics as well, they add an extra dimension to your projects. I especially like it when they're really subtle like the ones you've picked out. You've also introduced me to a new fabric shop... oh dear!

  13. Mr. TMW sounds like a keeper! Looks like you came away with some great fabrics and notions.


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