Wednesday 11 September 2013

Google+ Help Me...

I just don't get Google+ and I'm hoping you'll be able to help me. There must be something I'm missing.

Facebook I'm OK with, Maybe that's because I used it socially for a few years before I began Threading My Way. When I like a page, their posts appear on my wall, depending on the Facebook algorithms, of course.

Twitter, I don't like, but I sort of get, not that I use it much.

With Google+, where do you see the posts of all the people who are in your circles?

A lot of people +1 my posts. What does that do?

If you understand Google+ and how it works, I'd love you to try to explain it to me!!!

... Pam


  1. I don't understand google+. It is really hard to keep up with all of them.

  2. How I understand you !!!
    I'm having the same problem !!
    Lot's of people already went to my blog and I can't have or give feedback to those G+1...

  3. I don't understand G+ either but it's like FB and pinterest combined. Pple have been adding me to their circles but I'm not sure what it means. Does it mean when I post s/thing to G+, they will see it? The only thing that is great is the communities.

  4. I haven't quite bought into g+ either! The are just too many social networks and I struggle to keep up.

    I'm OK with Facebook, I tweet occasionally (but am not a great fan!), Pinterest is OK but it's too easy to waste time and I read the blogs I follow using Blogger.

  5. I'm a little shaky on how to use it too but it looks like Amy has a lot of tips.;)

  6. There are too many social networks to keep up with - to me, they're just another thing to learn. I don't even like using a cellphone, let along figuring out and keeping up with multiple things online. Except Pinterest, of course ... HA!! I don't Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or G+ - if Pinterest ever instituted a chat/conversation program, I'd be in heaven :D One blog I follow is hooked up to G+ and I'm not, so I can't comment on it!

  7. Same here! I understand it is similar to facebook, but I do not like facebook so I have not really tried to use G+. I keep telling myself I would check it out when I have time, but I never have time!!!
    So far I see good tips from Amy. Hope you get more tips!

  8. Pam I don't do Google + or Facebook...who has time for it all? I do know that when people add Google+ they automatically become a no-reply when they make comments on blogs, even when they weren't before. I have heard from others it's a pain to fix too. Already I got a few comments today from bloggers who were no-reply and have Google+.

    If you reply to this comment and I see you are a no-reply, I will let you know.

  9. Pam I use G+ a little bit. Usually just to promote my blog posts. Since sharing them there I've noticed a big jump in my traffic from Google so it's a good thing search engine wise. I need to spend more time there but I like it so far and I like that if you join a community or follow a person you see everything, whereas with facebook you don't. There are some good posts around on blogs about how to use it better. I think the crafty community are still much more into facebook but I do think that eventually it will shift.

  10. I don't use Google +. I can't seem to get it show up with my blog name. It only wants to use my personal name, and I prefer my social media presence to be linked to my blog. I may have to email our guru Amy and see if she has any advice on that.

    1. I was able to have my blog name appear as a nickname, under my personal name...

  11. I don't like G+ at all, it's just another attempt by Google to suck us in. I follow the same blog as Sandra and I can't comment on her posts - she says we should comment on Facebook if we won't join G+ but I'm not doing that! I keep Facebook separate from my blogging circle. It's also really annoying if people have joined G+ and then comment on my blog. When I click on their name to go and check out their blog, it takes me to a G+ page, which they usually aren't using so I can't find out who they are! If we all ignore it, it will go away eventually

  12. Oh, and I disagree with the comment above, it's not like anything plus Pinterest. Pinterest is not a social networking site no matter what people say. It's a pinboard where you can see what other people are pinning. It would only be a social networking site if people only pinned pictures of themselves and what they've been doing, but I think that's called Instagram! sorry, I get a bit ranty about people claiming Pinterest is Social Networking. And when people comment on my pins, I always delete the comment!

  13. I love Google+. I prefer it to Facebook (gah) and it's just different to Twitter.
    You will see all the posts by the people you follow as long as they posted it to either +Public or to +Extended Circles (or shared it with the circle they put you in if they're following you as well) - you see those under Home. They changed how you get to that: hover your cursor near the top left and a whole long list of a menu should pop up.
    If you put people in different circles yourself (the people you follow) then those circle names run across the page. From your Home stream you can filter down to the circles' posts by clicking on the circle name. It is just a way of managing the information flow better. Some times you may want to look at posts by people who like to share about food, other times you want to look only at sewing, etc.
    If you have any specific questions, let me know in your reply on here and I'll be happy to help!

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