Monday 17 December 2012

Gift Wrapping ~ Scrappy Bow...

Are you looking for a super quick and no cost way to jazz up your gifts? Make a scrappy bow and attach it to your festive wrapping. You can construct one in just two minutes, using supplies you already have at home. Here's how...

Cut 3 or 4 strips of fabric about 1/2" x 12". I didn't measure mine exactly and just used scraps that I keep when cutting fabric.

Lay one strip out flat.

Using a double knot, attach each of the other strips to the first. 

Use the first strip to tie the scrappy bow to your gift. That's it!!!

This parcel is actually a belated gift for a newborn, with the gift bag being part of the present. I often package presents for newborns in a bag that they can use when they are older, minus the decorative scrappy bow, of course. I put a little note in the bag, to say that the scrappy bow is not meant to stay on the bag and is not suitable for the child.

To make the bag, I've used the Little Shopper Tote Tutorial. This bag is designed for a child. Vary the dimensions and the bag could be made for any age.

The red and blue bag would be perfect for holding a Christmas present, but I used it to package the gathered clutch I made as a thank you gift, for a soon to be mum. 

Last year, I used fabric bags and pillowcases to wrap my Christmas presents. I thought I'd be able to collect the fabric bags I gave to family, but no-one wanted to give them back. They kept them all!!! Perhaps I'll receive a present in one of last year's bags.

In an ideal world, all my presents would be given in reusable packaging. This year, however, I'm fast running out of time to make the actual presents, let alone to remake bags. The scrappy bow can be used on any type of packaging.

Here's my first wrapped present for this year, using a scrappy bow for embellishment. I can't show you what's inside, as this present is for my Mum, who will be reading this.

I love the little gift tag. Don't read this bit, Mum! It's simply a shape cut from one of last year's cards. The edges are cut using my fancy scissors and the hole is made with a star punch.

If you are after more last minute ideas, head on over to the Gift Wrapping link party. I'm off to do more sewing for my handmade Christmas...

... Pam


  1. I love this idea. I've got a ton of ribbon that just never seems to get used. This is a great idea--especially making the bag as part of the gift. Thanks again for your creative sharing!

  2. Clever way to use up scraps...I'll have to put this to use this Christmas!

  3. Pam, I love this idea, especially because it gives a special look to the gift. An elegant way to decorate a gift and also allows us to use our fabric scraps. Thanks for the tip, I love it!

  4. Excellent design and great colors!!!

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  5. So festive and cute! I get the most excited about gift wrapping with materials that are lying around the house so your idea is right up my alley. Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. Cute little scrappy bow Pam! Lovely way to jazz up wrapping!

    Hope you have a fabulous Christmas time!

  7. Very good idea and lovely to have bows with gift. All are very attractive.

  8. Too cool:) Loving this bow and bag.

    Just dropping in to wish you a very Merry Christmas!!!

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