Sunday 21 October 2012

Sewing on a suit button...

One of my sons asked me to fix a loose button on a suit. I'd never sewn on a button which required making a shank. With a quick Google search, I found an easy to follow tutorial, over at Made By Hand- The Great Sartorial Debate.

That looks much better, doesn't it!!! Instead of a match stick, I used a bodkin to form the shank. This has made the shank a couple of mm shorter than the other button on the suit, but I don't think that will matter.

I've learnt a new technique and my son has a suit that doesn't have a button hanging off.

Linking up with the Learn a New Technique linky, over at The Crafter's Apprentice and Sewing Tips and Techniques, here on Threading My Way.

... Pam


  1. It seems to me that buttons are not put on anywhere near sturdily enough these days, my youngest son is constantly asking me to sew buttons back on his jackets and coats. I have just noticed my husband is missing the middle button on his jacket too!!

  2. Pam what a delightful and informative post! thank you, not that i didn't know but it was great to reread that rational description. Ps i use a thick wool Needle. I learned to sew buttons properly = the `haute couture` way from my mother, she learned from her father and also from a friend of her parents, who mentioned it in a book. I rarely buy ready made clothes for me, but i buy shirts for my husbands and find that the best thing is to strengthen or re-sew every button the day i buy it.

  3. Handy tip Pam! My husband has just started wearing suits again for work - he wore casual clothes and/or uniform for a long time. I'm sure I'll need to know this sometime soon!


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