Friday 5 October 2012

Fab Folds Voting...

Last month I took part in the Fab Folds Challenge, hosted by Rikka, from Ricochet and Away. The challenge was to sew something that incorporates either pleatspintucks or smocking

This was a great challenge, with a fabulous group of girls!!! Here are the entries by all the participants. My pintucked skirt is in very good company.

Pintucked Skirt by Pam, from Threading My Way

Pleated Big Bow Dress by Anshu, from Blooms and Bugs

Smocked Book Cover by Bella, from Nisabell Necessary

Pintucked Yummy Yellow Skirt by Diya, from The Hobby Harbor

Canadian Smocked Pillow by Marisa, from Passion et Couture

Pleats, Pin-tucking, Smocking - all in one outfit by Mira from Sewing the Littleheart Collection

Pintucked Travel Clutch by Patty, from Make It Cozee

Market Place Bag with Smocked and Pleated Pockets by Donna and Rachel, from Once Upon a Sewing Machine

Smocked Pouch and Pleated Pouch by Rikka, from Ricochet and Away!

We've done the hard work. Now it's now time for you to vote for your favourite project. Head on over and cast your vote...

Vote: Fab Folds Challenge

... Pam


  1. Great work Pam, I went and voted (for you of course!!) xx

  2. All voted. Good luck! Xx. Karen

  3. Pam, I love the way you have presented the challenge, all entries are beautiful. Thanks for creating this post.
    I feel proud that my pillow is on a list with all these nice projects. Thanks again!


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