Wednesday 26 September 2012

All About Seams...

When and how do you sew them...
  • Plain seams
  • Welt seams
  • French seams
  • Flat Felled seams
Today I'm guest posting over at Sew Delicious, as part of the Back to Sewing Basics series, explaining the different types of seams and showing you how to sew them.

See you there.

Back to Basics

... Pam


  1. Very informative! I always confuse my seams. I've avoided the ones for heavier fabric. I guess I shall have to jump in and give them a try!

  2. Someday, I really ought to take the time to learn to sew for real. When I'm ready to do that, this post is going to be quite helpful!

  3. great article, very useful resource!Thank you

  4. Pam, I visited Sew Delicious, thank you so much for writing the tutorial!!, Everything is very well explained and the photos have been of a great help to understand the different types of seams. Your explanations are excellent, I've left a message for you on the other site, but I also wanted to to leave one for you here. Marisa

  5. Wow! That post was very informative. Thanks for putting all that together in one spot! I'll definitely be referencing it in the future.


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