Thursday 26 July 2012

Refashioning Denim...

I mentioned the other day, that jeans are my favourite article of clothing. They are comfortable, hard wearing and can be dressed up or down, depending on the look you are after.

However, they don't last for ever. Eventually they wear out, or, sadder still, they are outgrown. I have several pairs of skinny jeans that are waiting patiently in the wardrobe, hoping they'll be worn again. They've been sitting there for a couple of years now, so I think it's time to put them in the pile of clothes to be refashioned.

Last month, after much deliberation as to whether I'd ever fit into them again, I did cut up one pair and made some denim fabric baskets.

Here are some of my favourite jeans refashions that have been linked to our Threading YOUR Way with Threading My Way ongoing link parties.

From the Bags and Totes link party:

From Skirt to BagMaarnietvangrijs

Cobblestones Bag by Caroline ~ Sewing for Utange

Grocery Bags by Kay ~ Jerry and Kay

Jeans to Tote Bag by Kathryn ~ Crafts and Creations With KMOM14

From the Purses, Clutches, Pouches link party:

Jeans Pocket Bag by Jessica ~ Sunny Stitching

Owl Phone Case by Caroline ~ Sewing for Utange

iPod Keychain Pouch by Jill ~ Creating My Way to Success

Monster Purse by Caroline ~ Sewing for Utange

From the Aprons and Art Smocks link party:

Jumpsuit Apron by PC ~ Meijo's Joy

Jeans Apron by Diana ~ Closet Crafter

From the Skirts for Girls link party:

Refashioned Skirt by Jill ~ Sew With Aloha

From the Drawstring Bags and Fabric Baskets link party:

Washbag by Caroline ~ Sewing for Utange

From the Kitchen Accessories link party:

Jeans Pocket Pot Holders by Jill ~ Creating My Way to Success

And from the Electronic Gadget Covers and Cases link party:

Cell Phone Case by Marisa ~ Passion et Couture

So many fabulous ideas as to what to do with your pre-loved denim jeans and skirts!!! If you've refashioned denim, leave me a link in the comments below, or link them up to our ongoing Threading YOUR Way with Threading My Way link parties. I'd love to see your ideas.

... Pam


  1. Thanks for including my jean pocket purses among these other fabulous ways to reuse jeans! It seems that there are endless uses for denim...I just cleaned out my clothes and am holding onto my jeans for sure (to sew, not to wear). :-) Jessica

  2. Wow, what awesome jean upcycling projects! I love the pot holder! :D

  3. Thanks Pam.
    Still coming up with more ideas!

  4. grazie Pam, molte di queste idee sono da provare e adoro la borsetta jeans da bambina !
    un saluto Federica

  5. Thanks so much for the features Pam! I'm in good company with lots of awesome denim refashions!

  6. Thanks for featuring my Jeans to Tote Bag on this post and all of the other demin ideas as it gives me ideas for more things to do with all those jeans my son demolishes the legs out of:)

  7. whoo-ooooh, just found a bag of raggy jeans today I forgot I had. What perfect timing! enJOYed!

  8. Sadly too many pairs of jeans lurking in my wardrobe that have been outgrown! Good to know that there are lots of things I can do with them now.

  9. Don't give up on those skinny jeans to quickly.. I have a pair of size 6 Bardot jeans that waited 5 years to see the light of day again!!

  10. Love the aprons and the skirt and... well everything else too! Thank you so much for including my bag!

  11. Hey, Pam! So many great ideas here. I made some "creatures" from the John Murphy video using denim. Check them out here: There is link to John's video in the post. It was a fun and easy project.

    Thanks for some cool ideas for my big pile of old jeans.

  12. Great way to upcycle old jeans - thanks for the tutorial too! Will definitely put it on my 'to make' list ' thanks for sharing =)


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