Tuesday 24 July 2012

A Present in a Present...

A few days ago, Mr TMW and I were shopping with my Mum. As we were passing Lindcraft, I suggested that I just quickly duck in and check out the half price fabric on sale. Not a problem. They said they'd meet me in Lindcraft when they'd finished. I debated who would finish first and said I'd meet them in K-Mart.

No prizes for guessing who finished shopping first. It wasn't me... LOL!!! So, Mr TMW and Mum helped me look for fabric. Mum found this gorgeous fairy tale fabric. I couldn't resist. At the time, I didn't have a clue what I'd make with it, but I knew it would be the perfect fabric for a future, as yet unknown, project.

Fast forward a couple of days and I decided to make a pillowcase, using this tutorial from Flower Press. A pillowcase is very easy to make and you probably don't need a tutorial. However, what I especially like about the tutorial, is that it gives the measurements for pillows in a few countries, including Australia, so I know the pillowcase will fit well.

I've teamed the fairy tale fabric with a red check fabric, used both for the cuff and the back of the pillow. The red check fabric was bought on sale a few weeks ago when a friend introduced me to a new (to me) quilting shop, not too far from here.

I'm using the pillowcase instead of wrapping paper. I only put a pillow in the pillowcase to take photos. Take the pillow out, pop in some presents, including the denim shorts I've just made and the gift is ready to give. 

I've come across the idea of using a pillowcase as wrapping in several places, but the first time I saw the idea, was over at Hopeful Threads. You can see some of my previous pillowcases here and here.

What suggestions do you have for wrapping presents? Add your ideas to our Gift Wrapping link party...

... Pam


  1. What a great idea for gift wrap and yay for pillowcases in different sizes! Who would think that countries not so far apart (France and the UK!) would have such a different take on pillow sizes!

  2. I love the idea of making a pillowcase and using it to wrap your gift ... and that fabric is lovely!

    I can relate to the issue of bedding sizes from country to country. Recently had to buy a new mattress for our bed (UK King) and the shops here just don't have that size. Ended up with something 10 cm wider than our bed frame which just about fits with a bit of pushing and shoving! But we also have bedding bought in the UK / Canada and Germany for various beds ... all different sizes. It gets very confusing - there is definitely no mixing and matching - certain duvet covers have to go on specific beds!! I must find some very wide fabric so I can make replacement covers / sheets when the current ones wear out.

  3. Love the fabric and what a fab idea to wrap pressies!


  4. Love the idea of making such a Usable wrapping . Wonderful idea PAM WELL DONE !!!!
    AS to Different measurements , we lived in the UK And USA and bought some Bedding thus i had all kinds of sizes, which i used until i `repaired ` them to match our cushions.

  5. Love both the fabrics you used! I'm definitely going to have to steal this idea for wrapping. I HATE buying wrapping paper that will end up being tossed out.

  6. Clever idea to use the pillowcase for wrapping gifts! This pillowcase is so cute with the fairy tale print.:)

  7. What a great idea! Isn't it funny how you get the feeling to buy not knowing what you need it for and then it turns out to be just the perfect thing you needed? enJOYed your idea.

  8. That fabric is gorgeous.. I may just have to head to my Lincraft to grab some myself!! I love the idea of wrapping presents in a pillow case, much nicer than wrapping paper and it's like getting an extra present.

  9. That's such a neat idea to wrap presents, thanks for sharing!

    By the way, I've left something for you over at my blog - hope you'll visit when you have time, thanks!


  10. LOVE that fabric Pam! So pretty! And GREAT gift wrap too! :)


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