Sunday 4 March 2012

Threading Your Way ~ Dolls' Clothes ~ Link Party

Welcome to the tenth edition of Threading YOUR Way with Threading My Way. I've been thrilled with the success of our link parties and have received lots of very positive feedback, with the majority of comments referring to the fact that the parties are themed and ongoing.

There is a steady stream of projects continually being linked up to the previous parties. The popularity of the various parties leads me to think that we sew more for our children, than for ourselves and we sew more for our girls, than we do for our boys. When we sew for ourselves, it is more likely to be an accessory rather than a piece of clothing. This is certainly true for me.

Remember, these linkys are ongoing, so you can continue to add projects throughout the year. Add as many projects as you would like.

Our tenth linky for 2012 is everything Dolls' Clothes made by YOU. These can range from improvisational to elaborate. I'm particularly looking for easy ideas to try. When my children were little, Cabbage Patch Dolls were all the rage. The eternal Barbie and Ken were also around, of course. What are the must have dolls nowadays?

Dolls' Clothes
Link up any family friendly posts that you have written on clothes for dolls. Your posts might (but don't have to) include any of the following:
  • how you made it
  • tutorials
  • photos
  • pattern reviews
  • tips for making
  • what you learnt
As long as YOU have made it, link it up and show it off. Link up as many posts on Dolls' Clothes, as you would like. Come back through the year and add more.

Guidelines for linking up:
  • Each post needs to be about dolls' clothes that you have made.
  • Link to a specific post (not the home page of your blog).
  • No direct links to shops or giveaways.
The fine print:
  • By linking up, you are giving me permission to use one of your photos in a feature. I will, of course, link back to your post, giving you full credit.
  • By linking up, you are giving me permission to pin your post to Pinterest. I pin all features to Pinterest, unless you specifically request me not to.
  • By linking up, you are giving me permission to share your post on social media - FacebookTwitterGoogle+
If you'd like:
  • Subscribe to Threading My Way (GFC, RSS, Linky Followers, email), to keep up to date, to see if you've been featured and to know when the next themed party starts.
  • Grab a button to spread the word about Threading YOUR Way with Threading My Way and put it somewhere on your blog. 
  • Visit some of the other links. Everyone loves comments.
I usually post Features each Saturday on Threading My Way

I look forward to seeing your dolls' clothes...

Master list of ongoing link parties at Threading YOUR Way with Threading My Way 

Master list of ongoing link parties at Threading YOUR Way with Threading My Way 
  1. Bags and Totes
  2. Dresses for Girls
  3. Dresses for Women
  4. Hair Accessories
  5. Pillows and Cushions
  6. Boys' Clothes
  7. Skirts for Girls
  8. Aprons and Art Smocks
  9. Purses, Clutches, Pouches
  10. Dolls' Clothes
  11. Women's Skirts
  12. Baby Clothes and Accessories
  13. Children's Tops and Shirts
  14. Women's Tops and Shirts
  15. Softies, Dolls, Toys
  16. Sewing Tips and Techniques
  17. Sewing with stretch fabric
  18. Quilting and Patchwork
  19. Embroidery, Stitching and Appliqué
  20. Jackets, Coats, Raincoats, Ponchos
  21. Hats, Bonnets, Beanies and Scarves
  22. Pants, Shorts, Trousers for Children
  23. Drawstring Bags and Fabric Baskets
  24. Pretend Dress Up Clothes
  25. Clothes for Men
  26. Kitchen Accessories
  27. Swimwear
  28. Sleepwear
  29. Gift Wrapping
  30. Electronic Gadget Covers and Cases
  31. Blog Tips
  32. Refashioning with Denim
  33. Pants for Women
  34. Sewing Accessories
  35. Home Decor
  36. Sewing Tutorials Pages
  37. Sewing Spaces
  38. Sewing for Charity
  39. Fabric Baskets
  40. Reusing Shirts & Ties
... Pam

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the invite to share my Barbie Clothes. I am definitely taking you up on the invite and posting several outfits:)

    1. Gorgeous little outfits!!! Link up as many as you'd like...

  2. Thank for the invite I see my pic now works :)

  3. Thanks for the invite to link up to this. I linked up all my current American Girl Doll sewing posts. Fun idea to have a link party for specific things.
    Thanks for hosting.

  4. I just linked up a new post. I made a Pom Pom scarf for an American Girl Doll. I know it isn't technically sewing doll clothes, so if you want to remove it from the list, no worries on my end. I just thought it could go in this category. Thanks for the fun link party!

  5. Hi Pam! I just linked up another AG sewing project. This one is doll bedding. Once again, I'm not sure if I linked it under the right party. I thought maybe under the toy link party, but it didn't seem to fit there. Feel free to let me know where is the best place and I can move it. Love your link parties...thanks so much for hosting them! Have a great week.

  6. So many great linkies! Thanks! I linked up!

  7. This is so nice to keep this open. I added some Doll Pajamas. I created my own pattern. I added a dress last week.

  8. I added a couple of new posts. Thanks for the ongoing link party!

  9. Thanks again for the link party! I added my latest AG posts.
    Have a great week.

  10. Love adding more links to the link party! Thanks so much for hosting...I see some new links I want to check out. I added 2 new AG doll clothes posts. One is for a shirt and one is for some shorts.
    Hope you have a great week!

  11. Thanks a lot for the links. These are so great. I am going to bookmark these for future use.

  12. Once again, thanks so much for hosting these ongoing link parties! I just linked up 3 new AG posts...I have needed to come by for a while. :-)
    Take care,

  13. I love reading all these doll links, I never get tired of it. Thank you for letting me add mine!

  14. Thanks for the great link party! I've added two more fun doll clothes posts.


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