Tuesday 4 February 2020

Sewn by YOU ~ Fabric Basket with Drawstring Top & Handles

I get a kick every single time I see something made with one of my tutorials. I just love seeing the fabrics chosen to suit the purpose, and that make it yours.

Christine, from Quilting Stories, made this super cute orange Fabric Basket with a Drawstring Top. She was so happy with the first, she whipped up a second this time in blue - check it out. Don't you just love the eye catching, large polka dots!

If you would like to make your own, my Fabric Basket with Drawstring Top tutorial will step you through the process.

I've made three so far - one each for the little people in my life and one for me which I use as a sewing basket. Little Mister uses his to store matchbox cars, and Little Miss has used hers for storing craft gear.

Over the years, readers have shown me many bags which have served many different purposes... knitting bag, lunch tote, small toy storage, pencil case, gift basket, to name a few:

Thanks, Christine, for showing me your gorgeous baskets. Made my day!

What could you see yourself using this style of basket for?

Because of the drawstring cord, this basket is not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

... Pam


  1. Thank you dear Pam for the link to my blog and for your compliments! I find your baskets so adorable! Thanks again for your great tutorial.

  2. Always been intrigued by this project... maybe someday. It would be a perfect gift accompaniment with lego blocks for a kid, or filled with baby supplies for a new mom.

    I'm liking the orange!

  3. I love your bag tutorials! I'm especially happy to see this post today. I have a little one in my life again to sew for....my niece's baby who is now 1 and loves little purses. This would be so cute for her and something she can put her little books into.


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