Tuesday 1 October 2019

8ply Striped Knitted Beanie & Old Photos

I had the photos put into this blog post not long before Mum went into hospital - just the text to add which I'll do quickly now. Mum's still in hospital, so time is very limited.

8 ply striped knitted beanie ~ Threading My Way

I've done absolutely no sewing since my last post, but I have been knitting. I have always said hand sewing is therapeutic. Truth be told, I find knitting more relaxing, and at the moment, that's just what I need.

About a month ago, Little Miss asked if I knew how to knit, and would I teach her how. YES and YES!! It's been many years since I have done any knitting, but a quick Google search brought me back up to speed.

Little Miss is knitting a scarf, and is doing really well. As with many of her generation, she easily follows YouTube videos.

I was pleased to find Australian wool.

Unlike hand sewing, I find it easy to watch TV while knitting, only occasionally having to look at what I'm doing. In a very short space of time I've finished four scarves and four beanies.

I think it's the repetitive nature that makes knitting so relaxing.

I've been knitting since I was eight years of age - beginning with a cotton washer, and then progressing to a jumper for the Red Cross.

Over the years I've knitted countless items and garments. My going away dress - pictured above after our wedding - is still one of my favourites. Ha, ha... yep, it would be considered a tad short now-a-days.

A family photo taken before our third child was born - all of us in my hand knitted garments.

And if I'm going to take up knitting again, I need a knitting bag - my Little Black Bag, made at a quilting retreat a few years ago, fits the bill nicely.

Thank you for all your comments and emails after my last post. See you when I can.

... Pam


  1. Wow - how neat to learn that you're actually quite the knitter. (Something I learned from my mom many, many, many years ago too but I've never taken to it.) Glad to hear that you've got something to sooth your mind during this time.

    And yes, that "going away dress" looks much like a tunic by today's standards!

  2. I’m glad you have knitting to soothe yourself with during this time, I am sending you all loving thoughts and warm hugs, love to you.

  3. You are a beautiful knitter, Pam. Oh my, that dress is short. =) Those were the days of the mini dress. I hope your mum gets better with each day. Take care.


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