Thursday 19 September 2019

Spring Garden ~ and an Update

After a stressful week away, it's good to be back home and walk around the garden.

Mum has been in hospital again - for just over a week now, and still a way to go before they'll consider letting her go home.

Statice - or Sea Lavender

We've had to cancel a trip to Tasmania that was booked and paid for. Mum became ill just days before we were due to go. We'll get there one day!

Kangaroo Grass - hoping I'll be able to divide this soon. It's a native and tolerates dryness well.

It's good to have a bit of a break from all the stresses, and lovely to see the flowers in my garden emerging for Spring. We're in the middle of a drought, but thankfully in the last couple of days, we've had some good, soaking rain.

Erigeron - or Sea Daisy

I'm not in the mood for sewing, but am going to try and force myself to do some today while I have the chance. 

Bromeliads that I see from my sewing room window

I'll be back when I can. 

... Pam


  1. How disappointing you had to cancel your holiday to Tassie. It will still be here when you can make the trip. I hope your mum recovers with each worrying for you. Your garden is looking lovely. Love the Bromeliads.

  2. So sorry you are having such stress, I hope your mom is better soon.

  3. Sorry to hear that your Mum is in hospital Pam, hope she is soon back home. Can definitely see why your garden is brings you solace, it looks a lovely place to be.

  4. Sending huge hugs Pam and well wishes for your mum xx

  5. Sorry to hear that your mum is in hospital. I hope she's better soon. It's a shame too that you've had to cancel your holiday. You garden looks lovely, though. I love the Bromeliads. I don't know if we get them here. They are very striking.

  6. I wish your Mum Health , and you lots of strength.

  7. Sorry to hear about your mum, hope she has a speedy recovery. Tassie is such a beautiful place, you will love it.

  8. I'm sorry to hear about your mom. It's hard when illness comes about, especially when you have plans made. I love seeing your garden pictures.

  9. Pam,
    thinking of you. Hugs and blessings,

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