Friday 9 August 2019

Drawstring Toiletry Bags

Sewing has been sporadic as of late here at Threading My Way. My motivation is back, but time is not always on my side, both for sewing and blogging. So, a quick post today to show you some drawstring bags I recently made.

Drawstring toiletry bags ~ Threading My Way

I used my small gift bag tutorial, enlarging the size of the cut fabric to 11" x 13", and boxing the corners to 1½"

All up I made 13 bags in multiples of the fabrics above.

I'll pop various toiletries into each drawstring bag to be part of a larger project for It's in the Bag. Basically, I try to purchase goods on sale throughout the year, plus sew a few items to put into large bags for disadvantaged women. The collection's not till November, so I'll give you more details closer to the date.

Last year I made up bags for three women. This year I'm aiming for seven. I'm almost there.

Drawstring bags are so handy. I use them all the time for containing bits and pieces. Are you a user of drawstring bags?

... Pam


  1. Good on you for your charitable sewing, even when time's at a premium, Pam. If I could handle sewing the same things over and over, I might be able to match your generosity.

    To answer your question, though, I must admit that the only drawstring bag I use is my shoe bag.

  2. Clearly your idea of not doing much sewing and mine are different Pam! I would be delighted to have produced 13 of anything :)

  3. That's so lovely, I bet your gifts are really appreciated. You are so thoughtful.


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