Sunday 17 March 2019

Creative Sewing & Craft Rooms / Spaces

I'm always on the lookout for cost effective ideas I can implement in my sewing room - ways to save space and store all the paraphernalia associated with my hobby. So today I thought I'd share some great ideas I've come across, many of them from the Sewing Spaces link party, here at Threading My Way

Mounting a peg board to a wall gives lots of scope for storing items of different sizes, whilst keeping them close at hand. Ros, from Sew Delicious, had this set up in the corner of her dining room, showing a sewing space need not be large.

Transform an unused cupboard into a sewing alcove. That's exactly what Cheryl, from Sew Can Do has done. What was once a 4' x 4' closet is now an alcove that houses a sewing table, chair and dress form, with plenty of storage.

Organisation is the key to keeping a sewing space tidy, and having somewhere to quickly throw scraps of fabric is a must. How about metal scrap buckets hanging from a motivational sign. Julie, from The Crafty Quilter, has a sewing room with lots of functional, yet pretty ideas. 

Sewing rooms world wide are full of IKEA furniture. Mine is. Jen and her husband, from de Jong Dream House, joined three IKEA shelves. topped with a door, to make a large craft table complete with inbuilt storage.

Furniture for a sewing space need not be expensive. It's amazing what you can find at Op Shops (Thrift Stores). Desiree, from 36th Avenue, started her sewing nook with wine boxes found at her local Thrift Store.

Add an ironing station to your sewing room - no need to fetch the ironing board and iron - everything is close at hand. Karen, from Sew with Sparkles, has a tutorial showing how she made hers.

Utilise wall space - shelves, peg boards and hooks - keeps things off the floor, and if you are creative, looks good, too. Jen, from Craftomaniac, has used up every inch of wall space to good effect. 

Find the right size shelves to match the items to be stored. Preeti, from Creat-E-Witty Unleashed, has a set of small height shelves for yarn, beads and buttons.

Never underestimate the humble plastic storage tub. Fabric, and all manner of bits and pieces can be kept free from dust, yet within easy reach. Living in an apartment usually means space is limited and sewing spaces shared with other rooms. Chris, from, made by ChrissieD, has packed a lot into the sewing area she has in her living room.

Make use of the inside of a cupboard door, by hanging bags from pegs - out of sight, yet within easy reach and taking up no extra room. UggaBear Cottage has two such doors.

I know I love having a peek at sewing spaces. Here's a few more...

I'd love to see where you create. Leave me a link if you've added photos online - blog, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

... Pam


  1. I have enjoyed peeking into each one of these lovely crafting spaces, Pam. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos. Love that fabulous distressed sewing desk with the sweet red fabric chair, and I love all those vibrantly coloured balls of yarn lining all those shelves. I am a gal who loves to have all my pretties in place and organised. Not much time is wasted when this happens. It looks to me as if all these girls whose spaces you have showcased spend many happy times in their creating spaces. They are all so lovely, I don't think I would ever want to leave the rooms.

  2. Perfect timing Pam, we are finally getting around to sorting out my sewing room so all of these lovely rooms are great inspiration!

  3. My room is already working, icollected my storing boxes over the years. i will try and add a photo.

  4. I admire those who manage to "make do" in tiny spaces. It would be a challenge to sew things — even small things — using a regular size desk. I feel fortunate to have a room with a six foot long table.

  5. ooooh, I love seeing other people's sewing rooms! Such lovely inspiration! xx

  6. Thanks for sharing Pam! I love the sewing spaces on this post, they are so adorable and space is utilized perfectly. I am still in the long process of brightening up my sewing corner. These ideas are so inspiring!

    1. I love looking at how others manage their sewing spaces - so many wonderful ideas!


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