Sunday 24 June 2018

Showcasing ~ Quilted Tablet Cover ~ Tutorial

Imagine a world without electronic gadgets!!! Yep, I lived in that world, but I wouldn't be without technology now. Whatever devices we carry around, they need protection. If you own a tablet, today's showcased tutorial might be just the ticket.

Learn how to make a quilted tablet cover. Tutorial by From My Carolina Home.

Carole, from From My Carolina Home, shows how to make a quilted tablet cover using half square triangles. The comprehensive tutorial is in three parts:
  • making the half square triangles
  • constructing the blocks and the outer shell
  • binding and finishing

Learn how to make a quilted tablet cover. Tutorial by From My Carolina Home.

Carole added her quilted tablet cover to both the Purses, Clutches, Pouches and the Electronic Gadget Covers link parties. You might like to check out the following tutorials at the Electronic Gadget Covers linky..
  • Cable Tidy
  • Lens Cloth Pouch
  • iPad Cover
  • Padded Laptop Bag
  • Kindle Cover

... Pam


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  2. Dear Pam,
    Thank you for showing me.
    The case for the tablet looks cool and so handy, with the quick closure. The colors are also wonderfully chosen.

    Thank you, for your visit and comment, on my blog!

    Greetings Klaudia

  3. Since we're going to carry our delightful electronics around with us, we might as well carry them in something pretty!

  4. Beautiful. Quilt covers protect the quality in addition to beautify.

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  9. Showcasing: Quilted Tablet Cover Tutorial
    In this article, we will delve into the wonderful world of creating your very own quilted tablet cover. Whether you are a seasoned quilter looking for a new project or a beginner looking to try your hand at quilting, this tutorial will guide you through the process step by step. So grab your materials and let's get started!
    Introduction to Quilting
    Quilting is a timeless craft that involves sewing together layers of fabric to create a warm and cozy blanket or cover. It requires patience, precision, and a love for all things fabric. Quilting can be a relaxing and rewarding activity that allows you to express your creativity and create beautiful items that will be cherished for years to come.
    Materials Needed
    Before you begin, make sure you have the following materials on hand:

    Quilting cotton fabric in various colors
    Batting or foam padding
    Rotary cutter and cutting mat
    Quilting ruler
    Sewing machine
    Iron and ironing board
    Pins and needles

    Step 1: Cutting the Fabric
    Start by cutting your fabric into the desired size for your tablet cover. You will need to cut two pieces of fabric for the front and back of the cover, as well as a piece of batting or foam padding to give the cover some structure and cushioning.
    Step 2: Creating the Quilt Sandwich
    Next, lay one piece of fabric right side up, then place the batting on top, and finally lay the second piece of fabric right side down on top of the batting. Pin the layers together to create a "quilt sandwich."
    Step 3: Quilting the Layers
    Using your sewing machine, stitch the layers together in a decorative pattern. You can create straight lines, curves, or any other design you desire. This step is where you can get creative and showcase your quilting skills!
    Step 4: Adding the Closure
    To ensure your tablet is secure in the cover, add a closure such as a button or Velcro strip. Sew the closure onto the cover, making sure it is placed in the right spot to keep your tablet safe and snug.
    Step 5: Finishing Touches
    Once you have completed the quilting and added the closure, give your tablet cover a final press with an iron to smooth out any wrinkles. Trim any excess threads and your quilted tablet cover is ready to showcase your craftsmanship!
    In conclusion, creating a quilted tablet cover is a fun and rewarding project that allows you to showcase your quilting skills and create a unique and personalized item. By following this tutorial, you can make a beautiful cover that will protect your tablet and show off your creativity. So gather your materials and get quilting!
    Meta Description: Learn how to create a stylish quilted tablet cover with this step-by-step tutorial. Show off your quilting skills and protect your tablet in style!

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