Wednesday 27 June 2018

Harry Potter Library Bag

Earlier on in the year I made a denim jeans pocket tote bag for a little guy. Thought it was about time I made one for his big brother.

Make a Harry Potter book bag or Library Bag ~ Threading My Way

I've used my own simple library bag tutorial, sewing the basic outside of the bag with a fabric similar in weight to a cotton duck. Not exactly sure of the composition of the fabric, but I'm guessing it contains some polyester. The handles are longer than the original, cut to 16", the same as the fairy tale version made a few years ago.

And, because he's a big Harry Potter fan, I've added pockets to both the front and back. It took quite a while to locate the Harry Potter fabric. Where would we be without Google and the Internet?

Of course, I couldn't send a book bag without books, and so the search was on to find books that he might want to read.

Big Brother is really keen to read, but it hasn't come easily to him. He's at that stage where some of his peers are reading little novels, but he finds them too challenging. It's difficult when you want to read novel size books like the other kids, but the words are just that little bit too hard.

I found a couple that might fit the bill. Let's Go for a Drive (affiliate link), by Mo Williams, is slightly larger than novel size, but smaller than standard picture book size. The text is relatively simple, and well spaced in speech bubbles.

The Chook Doolan (affiliate link) series of books, by James Roy, are small chapter books with only one or two sentences per page. Set out in novel format, they still have pictures which will help with reading cues, and add meaning, plus interest.

I've just bought him one at the moment, Rules are Rules (affiliate link), but will buy more if they take his fancy.

And I've bought him a picture book that he can read to his little brother. Macca the Alpaca (affiliate link), by Matt Cosgrove, is a delightfully, funny book that's full of rhyming text and gorgeous illustrations.

I'm always keen to promote good Australian authors and illustrators - totally unbiased, even though many years ago I used to work at the same school as Matt's Mum. As a young student at the same school, I saw many of Matt's art works, proudly shown off by his Mum. I'm not surprised he's become a successful author / illustrator.

The second book in the series, Alpacas with Maracas (affiliate link), has just been published - next on my list to buy.

If you know of any good, very easy to read chapter books, please let me know the titles. They're not easy to find.

Of course this bag can be used for many purposes in addition to a book bag. And, it's a really easy make. Start with the basic bag, and change it up. Check out some of the variations made by readers of Threading My Way, including some with children's art work, selvedges and appliqué.

... Pam


  1. Great bag Pam and a fun selection of books I love e look of Macca the Alpacca :) How wonderful to have a connection with the author too.

  2. Sometimes non-fiction is a good choice for boys who struggle a bit. A magazine about cars or airplanes(!) helps. My boy didn't enjoy reading until we figured out what would get him reading.

  3. Well, as the lucky Granny who got to deliver the bag to that little guy today, I can confirm that his face lit up like a Christmas tree when he saw it. He couldn't believe it was for him ("Whoaahh, Harry Potter!!! For me???") or that Great Aunty Pam had made it especially for him... and filled it with books she had carefully chosen to help him with his reading. He immediately sat down to read Macca The Alpaca to his little brother, with just a little help. And they both loved it.

    Next he tested out Chook Doolan and Let's Go for a Drive to see how many words he could read. He and Granny have been working hard on nailing the most commonly used 100 words, plus lots of phonics, so he did pretty jolly well and felt really good about himself. He's looking forward to reading both books all the way through.

    A huge than you again to my caring, kind, awesomely clever little big sister.

  4. So inspiring! Thank you. I have a 3 yo granddaughter who is obsessed with Going on a Bear Hunt. This may be just the thing ... and include a baby book to share with her brand new brother!

  5. Love love love. Mostly because I'm such a Harry Potter fan! I read the books as bedtime stories to my kids as they came out (we hated having to wait for the next one!) so they will always be special to me. This is such a lovely gift.

  6. We LOVE Harry Potter at our house and I love this project!
    Thanks for sharing on To Grandma's House We Go! I'll be featuring you next week!

  7. I know someone who'd LOVE this! :)

  8. Cute! I love the HP fabric!
    Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned.

  9. Very cool! Thanks for sharing with us at the To Grandma's house we go link party!

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