Thursday 10 May 2018

Double Four Patch Quilt Block

Last week I whipped up 22 quilt blocks using fat quarters and a few scraps of fabric. A post by Margie, from Nanny + Friends Charity Sew prompted me to dig out suitable fabrics from my stash.

I find it relaxing to make quilt blocks when there's no need to make enough for a quilt - as many or as few as I feel like. And when someone else sews the blocks together, even better, as there's no pressure.

The only requirement was to make double four patch blocks using light / dark colours.

It was a great opportunity to use up fabrics that had been sitting in my stash for quite a while.

In the main I used fat quarters, but I also found some largish scraps that worked well.

My blocks will be added to others that have been donated. From memory there'll be 48 blocks in each quilt.

This was feel good sewing that was relatively quick to sew.

... Pam


  1. Very pretty - a simple 4 patch can certainly get it's bling on!

  2. that's going to make a beautiful quilt

  3. Those are very pretty blocks, I especially like the one with the lime green (one of my favourite colours!). That is a wonderful group that you send your blocks to. :)

    1. I almost didn't use the floral with the lime green, Sheila, as I adore it. But I'm happy I did.


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