Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Changes to Commenting on Blogger Blogs

Starting May 25th 2018, Google has made changes to the way commenting operates on Blogger blogs. I am assuming that the changes are because of privacy and the GDPR, but I cannot verify this.

Google has changed the way Blogger bloggers are notified about comments ~ Threading My Way

In the past, when you left a comment, I would receive an email notifying me of this. Included in the email, as long as you didn't leave a comment anonymously, were...
  • your name
  • a link to your profile
  • the content of the comment

If you left a comment anonymously, I would just see the content of the comment in the email sent from Google.

In many instances I would also see your email address. If you were a no-reply blogger, replied without a Google account, or replied anonymously, I would not see your email address.

Now, I no longer receive an email telling me that you have left a comment. Without logging into my Blogger account, I have no way of knowing you have commented - unless of course I individually check every blog post.

Receiving an email made it effortless. If I could see your email, I would reply via email - easy for you and easy for me. I didn't have to log into Blogger, check for comments, go to your comment and leave a reply. And you didn't have to return to my blog to see if I'd replied.

Of course, if I couldn't see your email address, I did log in and leave a comment, but I knew before I logged in that your comment was there.

In the past, when you left a comment, if you ticked the Notify me button when you left a comment, you would receive an email when I, or anyone else left a reply for you, or added their own comment. This still applies, and as such, is a work around to my problem.

If I leave a comment on my own post, using the Notify me feature, I will receive an email every time someone comments. But, it does not fix the problem - it is only a kludgy work around. Why?
  1. writing my own comment on my own post will look and feel weird.
  2. the email notifications are now ALL no-reply, meaning I can't reply via email unless I already know, or can find out your email address.

Depending on your settings, if I click on your profile name (if you have left a comment via your Google / Blogger account), I might be able to see your email address. I can then copy your comment, open my email program, paste your comment into an email, reply and send it to you. And I will still do this, but it won't be as quick as hitting reply like it was before May 25th.

If you prefer not to show your email address, or to reply via Name/URL or Anonymously, none of this is a problem for you. Leaving comments on Threading My Way will remain the same for you. You'll leave a comment and I'll reply on the blog. You'll see my reply by coming back to check, or if you tick the Notify me button, you'll receive an email telling you that I've replied.

With the GDPR and subsequent changes, I doubt very much that notifications for comments will return to the way they were, despite the many requests on the Blogger Help Forums. If you're interested, here's one particular thread on the topic that I'm following.

Daryl, from Patchouli Moon Studio, has posted her thoughts.

We'll have to wait and see what how Google/Blogger responds - if indeed they do. How are you finding the unannounced changes?

... Pam

Thanks for stopping by! I love reading your comments and try to reply to all of them via email. Unfortunately, due to recent changes by Blogger, I no longer receive an email notification telling me that you have left a comment. Consequently it will take me longer to reply to you. As Google/Blogger no longer forward your email address, it may be harder to reply by email. If you don't receive an email reply from me, check back here.


  1. I read your comment on my blog Pam. Nothing even went into Spam. I added a little update to the bottom of my posting. I also read that if you click the notify me box below that is across from publish the comment it might at least go to your spam box (because we are all no-reply now). But the thing I updated was to include your email address in your comments like this: patchouli dot moon dot gmail dot com so at least when reading tour comments directly on your blog you could reply to your comments that way? Hopefully that will work.

  2. I moderate the reactions first, without me pushing the button they will not appear at my blog. That's the way I can see there are new reactions.

  3. Pam, they certainly are not doing this to make life easier or to keep our email addresses confidential---very annoying.

  4. I wish read your message. Thanks.

  5. I think (HOPE) that there were unintentional side effects from some changes that Blogger made, and that they're right this very second, working on fixes. *she says hopefully* The fact that their blog was filled with spam and complaints about this very issue, and that at the time I read it, they hadn't replied to a single question or request for assistance, is a good sign - it means they're working diligently on it!

    OR NOT :( I actually think that they're planning on going to a Pay plan for blogs and that this is their way of getting rid of the people who aren't dedicated enough to fork over $$ when they roll out the "new improved" $Blogger$.

  6. It's a pain isn't it! I've gone for days without realising I had comments to publish. How embarrassing! Still...nothing we can say will alter it, as usual. Onward! Mimi xxx

  7. Pam, I saw a response on a different thread (!topic/blogger/WL-U9F9LjRc;context-place=forum/blogger) that indicates that they are currently tweaking our emailing system, but we expect it to be working again within the next week. Thank you for your patience - we look forward to getting it out soon!

    I truly don't think that this was meant to be as messy as it was, but that EU privacy policy is somewhat heavy handed and as usual, businesses are not as clean with their roll-outs as they could be.

    I remain of the belief that this will work itself out.


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Thanks for stopping by! I love reading your comments and try to reply to all of them via email. If you don't receive an email reply from me, check back here.