Sunday 14 January 2018

Showcasing ~ Rope Bowl ~ Tutorial

I've always wondered how rope bowls are made Thanks to today's showcased tutorial, now I know.

Learn how to make a rope clothesline bowl with a sewing machine. Tutorial by Running with Rocket

Kathy, from Running with Rocket, shows how to make a rope bowl using cotton clothesline cord. Large zigzag stitches hold the rope together, with most of the colour coming from different threads. The easy to follow tutorial suggests using a neutral thread colour making mistakes hard to spot. Apparently, starting the flat bottom is the trickiest part. 

A word of caution from Kathy...
Remove pins as you sew - don't sew over them! Go slowly.
And I totally agree. Keep yourself and your eyes safe. Never sew over pins!

Kathy added her rope bowl to the Home Decor link party. You might like to check out the following tutorials at the Home Decor linky...
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Have you ever sewn rope?

... Pam


  1. Thanks Pam for the feature. I hope people try and post their creations.

  2. I sew over pins every once in a while when I'm not paying attention ... usually it goes fine ... sometimes though, I'm glad I'm wearing my glasses because those needle bits can FLY! Today I accidentally hit the metal part of a zipper end - it was hidden under fabric and I thought I had left enough clearance to miss it, but I hadn't :D I had to replace the needle then rip out some stitches and make the seam double the width to fix my booboo :D Definitely it's not a good idea to sew over pins ... or zipper metal! I knew whose basket that was as soon as the photo loaded - I love how Kathy photographed it! It's such a beautiful basket, and the simple addition of the fruit made the picture super deluxe :)

  3. Another project to add to the must try this list Pam!


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