Thursday 28 September 2017

Quick and Easy to Make ~ Baby Bibs

Bibs are an absolute necessity for babies and toddlers - and LOTS of them!!! Consequently they make great gifts for newborns or to take to a baby shower. Fortunately, they are super quick and easy to sew.

Baby bib patterns and tutorials ~ Threading My Way

If you have a bib on hand, you don't need a pattern... 
  • Trace around an existing bib to make a pattern.
  • Sew two or three absorbent layers of fabric together.
  • Attach a fastener.

Back in July I sewed a bunch of baby bibs. It's about time I showed them to you.

Not having any bibs in the house, I found a couple of patterns online.

Baby bib patterns and tutorials ~ Threading My Way

The first set of bibs, the smaller of the two, are made with Purl Soho's baby bib pattern. I used quilting cotton on the front, and cotton terry velour for the back. 

Baby bib patterns and tutorials ~ Threading My Way

The second set are made with The Bibs in All Sizes pattern, by Fishsticks Designs. The pattern caters for three sizes - infant, toddler and big kid. I sewed the smallest size. Again, I used quilting cotton on the front, but for the back I used flannelette, with another layer of flannelette inside.

Looking through the Everything Baby link party here at Threading My Way, I found several tutorials for different styles of baby bibs...

Bandana Bib ~ Pattern & Tutorial by Damjana, from Apple Green Cottage

Reversible Stay-On Bib ~ Pattern & Tutorial by Domenica, from Easy Sewing for Beginners

Monster Bibs by Wendy, from The Crafter's Apprentice ~ made using the free Monster Bib pattern by Stubbornly Crafty

Bip and Burp Cloth Set by Joy, from Yesterfood ~ bib sewn with a free Baby Bib pattern by Haberdashery Fun. Joy also has a tutorial for the burp cloth.

Bibs for Princess Barfs-a-Lot by Vicki, from A Quilter's Mission - made using the free Quilted Patchwork Bib pattern by Sew She Sews

Most of my bibs have long since been sent to Sewing for Charity Australia and they have been forwarded on to Giving Grannies, who distribute baby welcome kits to mums needing a helping hand - all from donations.

You've probably noticed a lack of fasteners on my bibs. The girls at Sewing for Charity Australia have kindly attached something with which to do up the bibs.

I still have six bibs not sent. I'm in the process of making matching harem pants, and that's where my sewing has stalled. They're not at all hard to make, and they do look super cute. Three pairs are finished, and the other three just need the waistband attached and they'll be done.

Stay tuned.... I HAVE to get my butt in gear and finish. I'm way past the deadline for that particular drive at Sewing for Charity. I know they'll still be able to use them whenever I send them, but I need to finish!!!

... Pam


  1. Hello Pam,

    very beautiful baby bibs and tutorials you present on your blog today. My granddaughter is meanwhile 4,5 years and would not wear them anymore. But there are always very beautiful gifts, for new babies.

    Greetings Klaudia

  2. I love making bibs - they're so quick to do, plus they're sooooooooo useful - they make a great gift :) I make all of mine with a layer of flannel (from old flannel sheets) in the middle for extra absorbency. I like to add a little (about 10-12" square) taggy type blanket to bib sets as a bonus - it's a great way to use up the last bits and pieces of the flannel, as the size can be modified to use exactly what I have. I usually use velcro for the closure, but I bought a new snap installer and snaps from Amazon a while ago that I need to get using :D

  3. Our grandson is rarely seen without a bandana bib round his cute little neck and fortunately they are really quick to whip up. I might have to branch out and try some of the showcased patterns just for a change :)


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