Sunday 16 April 2017

Showcasing ~ How to Stencil with Freezer Paper ~ Tutorial

In Australia, we don't have ready access to cheap freezer paper. Unfortunately, we have to buy it at a premium price from craft stores. For many of you, however, it's available cheaply at supermarkets.

Learn how to stencil with freezer paper. Tutorial by Swoodson Says.

Stephanie, from Swoodson Says, shows how fast and easy it is to Stencil with Freezer Paper. It's a great way to jazz up a plain t-shirt. There's a free graphic provided for the milk carton, or you can use your own design.

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Do you have ready access to cheap freezer paper?

... Pam


  1. Oh I'll have to give that a try - I've tried stencilling with plastic stencils but the paint gets under the edges - for some reason I didn't think about ironing on freezer paper to use for stencilling - I've used it for tracing small designs on felt to cut out itty bitty pieces. I bet this would work great on upcycled denim :) I'm pretty sure I got my roll of freezer paper @ the grocery store, but that was years ago so I'm not 100% sure - I don't think it's a hard to find item here, though. I think I've told you about the colour catcher sheets that work so well at catching loose dye when fabrics are being washed - they're scarcer than hen's teeth here in Canada (we can sometimes get them, for $$$$, at the quilt stores and at the fabric store) - they're only about $4 or $5 US for 24 sheets Stateside *sigh*. I buy several boxes every time I go there - it's crazy that they haven't come here yet. We also used to have to ask friends to pick us up .... ummmm the brand name escapes me now, but it's plastic wrap that many quilters use for quilting. They draw designs on the plastic and it sticks nicely to fabric, so they stitch on it! We finally got it here in Canadian grocery stores, so we don't have to beg Americans to bring it to us, lol!

  2. I have seen many crafts done with freezer paper, however I usually forget to buy it at the store.

  3. like you it is only available in craft shops here in the UK, mind you I bought a roll a few years ago and have to admit never having used any yet!

  4. I have a roll of freezer paper that I bought at a quilt show, I will have to hunt through the (still unpacked!) boxes to give this a try!


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