Sunday 5 March 2017

Showcasing ~ Tunic Refashioned from a Top and a Skirt

Love skinny jeans, but prefer to have your butt covered? Tunic tops are the way to go. Today's showcased tutorial describes how to take a crop top, plus a skirt and refashion them into a tunic. Looks complicated, but it's really quite simple...

Learn how to take pre-loved clothes and refashion them into a tunic top that is perfect to wear with skinny jeans. Second Chances by Susan shows how.

Susan shows how to take a crop top and a skirt, and turn them into a tunic. The process is very simple - much easier than I would have thought, looking at the finished garment. Susan describes each step of the refashion.

Teamed with the denim jacket and skinny jeans, this is a style I love to wear. Check out Susan's denim tunic - just as flattering. I'm on the lookout for suitable garments to refashion into tunics now. 

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... Pam


  1. WOW that's adorable! I love going to the thrift stores - I wish I could think of projects like this when I'm poking around!

  2. I loved reading this, can use some of the ideas for a longer dress . thank you mirjam


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